As the 2013 diaries are now appearing in the shops..

Judges for Glen of Imaal Terriers at 2013 UK Championship Shows that have Challenge Certificates on offer

07/03/2013 Crufts Mr Nick Hammond

06/04/2013 National Terrier Club Mrs J Averis

09/05/2013 Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd Mr R W J Thomas

17/05/2013 Scottish Kennel Club Mrs P J Withers

24/05/2013 Bath Canine Society Mr P R Eardley

13/09/2013 Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd Mr J Luscott

11/10/2013 South Wales Kennel Association Mrs C J Rogers

December 2013 Glen of Imaal Association Mrs M Barrass

The above judges are the ones (up to yet) passed by the relevant Kennel Club Committee