For the November diary

On Saturday November 3rd The Glen of Imaal Terrier Association is holding a breed specific seminar at New Invention Methodist Church Hall, Lichfield Road, New Invention, Willenhall. WV12 5BG.

Judges assessment and breed specfic seminar-  to book a place (or for more details) contact Anne Hardy on 01777 703417 or  or Anne Hardy Nairn Lodge, Sutton Crossroads, Retford, Notts. DN22 8QL . Limited spaces.

Whilst we were away….

Thanks to people who continue to send “stuff” for here. At the Glen of Imaal Terrier Association Open Show judge Val Harley awarded Best Bitch (and Best of Breed) to Romainville Tegan with Best Dog to Kirikee Ronan O’Gara. At 3 Counties Championship Show Best of Breed (Judge Stephen Holmes) was Romainville Billy Wizz with Best Bitch to Roaminville Inki. Abberann Bearnard was BOB in Salo and so became a Swedish, Finnish, Danish & Nordic Champion. Rosears Call The Shots became a new Finnish Champion. Well done everybody

Health page updated (please read to bottom)

Thanks for the suggestions that the EFG health pages could do a bit of updating; they have now been done. Whilst on the subject of health a few co-ordinators have been in touch after the recent Breed Health Co-ordinators Seminar. Glen of Imaal Association Co-ordinator Don Harley told the meeting that, after a Stud Dog & Brood Bitch owners meetings to which people had been invited, it had been decided that only Glens DNA tested and micro-chipped would be bred from. This is now incorporated in to the Code of Ethics and has been passed by the Kennel Club. That was the bit that impressed others there as they  had wanted to do this with their own breeds but the KC had said no as it was too restrictive. What was the Association’s secret?

From Don Harley: I realized  it was incorrect about brood bitches, and I believe that I said that  I would LIKE to see it in the code of ethics,but then when there are people making notes maybe I should  have spoken louder or more clearly.Therefore I would like the blog  to be corrected.

Looking forward

The following proposal (asked for by over 20 members of the Glen of Imaal Terrier Association)

“GOITA to lobby the Kennel Club to only register Glen of Imaal Terrier puppies from parents where (at least) one is DNA tested CLEAR for GPRA-crd3; or (at least) one is known to be hereditarily clear i.e. both its parents have been DNA tested CLEAR for GPRA-crd3.”

was passed by the Association Committee last November.

Anne Hardy (Secretary of the Association) would like what is below to be put to the widest audience possible                                                 Anne Hardy invite all Glen of Imaal stud dog owners to a meeting at St. Philip Neri School, Mansfield on the 6th March. The meeting will be planned for a 3-3.30p.m start.
The topic under discussion will be –
A voluntary scheme implementing the recommended breeding policy with regard to gPRA/crd3 by stud dog owners.
If you are unable to attend, but would like to participate, please send or email your views to Anne and they will be fully discussed at the meeting.
Anne would like to stress that this is for all stud dog owners and not just for Association members. If you wish to attend, contact Anne on her email, or ring 01777 703417.

It doesn’t take Holmes (Sherlock, of course) to deduce that one probably begat the other so, even though it is the weekend before Crufts, do try and support by either attendance, letting your thoughts be known or asking for the minutes of the meeting afterwards. This meeting is about looking forward for the health of the breed so think forwards; you may not own a Stud Dog now but you might own one in the future, you might have owned one in the past and be interested in how things are going forward. Indeed you may never own an actual Stud Dog but if you are thinking of breeding a litter at anytime you will certainly need contact with a male so would probably like to know what will be going on.



Association Open Show Results

The Glen of Imaal Terrier Association Open Show, judged by Pat Chadwick, saw a triumphant day for the Donvalesets. Best In Show went to Ch. Beatrixs Boy With Windarra from Donvaleset. Best Bitch Donvaleset Brier, Reserve Best Dog Donvaleset Rebus with “only” Reserve Bitch spoiling the run as that went to Amhard Extra Spice. Best Puppy went to Romainville Brannigan.

Word is that the Association Annual General Meeting held before the Show was very interesting with a lot of debate. Hopefully the Breed Notes inn the Dog Papers will give full information.

A reminder.


Saturday 12th June 2010 at Shenstone Village Hall, Barnes Road, Shenstone, Nr Lichfield, Staffs WS14 0LT

The AGM commences at 11am.
Since notice of the meeting and a proposed agenda appeared in GOITA’s Spring newsletter, additional agenda items and rule changes have been submitted and so, in accordance with the club rules, the finalised agenda will be sent out to all members. If you haven’t yet received the new agenda, you can contact Anne – Email: or Tel: 01777 703417 – to request one.
This year, there are agenda items that should provide some interesting and lively debate. As stated in the Editorial of the Spring newsletter, “It is important that members feel they are part of the club and that their input is important …”. The AGM is the members’ meeting; it would be nice to see a few more ordinary members attending and being a part of the decision-making process on matters affecting the future of our wonderful breed. Please do go along! There’s lunch and the open show to look forward to afterwards!

The Open Show opens at 1pm and judging will commence at 2pm. The judge is Pat Chadwick.
There will be refreshments, a raffle (for which contributions would be much appreciated!), superb rosettes and specials from Royal Canin.

Glen Association Championship Show

The Glen of Imaal Association Championship Show is to be held on December 5th at Shenstone Village Hall, Lichfield and has Jane Withers officiating. Schedules are out but the ongoing postal problems may mean some haven’t been received. Because of this and possible problems with getting entries back the closing date of November 5th is being extended. Secretary Anne Hardy can be contacted on