Sporting Glen Club of Ireland Annual Show

The Annual Show of the  Glen of Imaal Terrier Sporting Club of Ireland will be held on September 13th at 11.00am in the Glen of Imaal itself.

The timetable is to be:- 11:00 Ring 1: Showing – Puppy Dog, Junior Dog, Open Dog, Puppy Bitch Junior Bitch, Open Bitch and Veteran Dog and Bitch  

11:30 Ring 2: Shore Work

11:30 Ring 3: Lure Racing

12:00 Ring 4: Weight Pulling

13:00 Ring 1: Obedience

Full details of the day can be found here

Interesting mix but what criteria?

The terrier tent at the Game Fair was a very interesting mix but nobody seemed to know what it was. There were Glen of Imaals, Sealyhams, Smooth Fox, Skyes, Dandie Dinmonts, Manchester, Irish & Norwich so the first reaction was the “so-called” Vulnerables but where was the Kerry, Lakeland, Welsh and Mini Bull? It wasn’t working terriers either. Does anybody know?

Are you paying at Crufts?

If you are paying your E.F.G. subs at Crufts please do the following. Place them in a sealed envelope (either cheque, payable EFG, or cash) with the name of who the subs are for on the outside. Jean is always happy to take your money at Crufts, she is happy to take your money anywhere, but can’t manage a heap of loose pound coins.

Anybody knows this?

We were sent this. It is by Triniti and evidently you can even get a ringtone with it but is there any story (as in folklore) to it? We said we didn’t know but would ask…….

Since you left I can still feel your kiss
Deep in a dream I have made my wish
To cross through time for a moment with you
Back to the valley where our love was to true

Hear my voice calling for you
As the world turns let it carry through
For I would my life to reach that far
And walk with you in the Glen of Imaal

Out in the darkness I can feel the drums
Thousands have looked to the payer of one
With this last hope let the battle be won
And damned me search with a safe return

hear my voice calling for you
As the world turns let it carry through
For I would give my life to reach that far
And take us both to the glen of imaal

Hear my voice calling for you
As the world turns let it carry through
For I would give my life to reach that far
And walk once more in the glen of imaal

And walk with you in the glen of imaal

Things are busy, busy, busy

News is way behind which is the same as I am. Working more than full time and getting ready for the weekend means some things are getting left!

The Summer EFG newsletter has gone out and yes it is a bit abbreviated. No it isn’t because we had nothing to put in. If anything there was too much so it was decided to make this edition only about PRA and the weekend. This means the Autumn newsletter will be rather bigger than usual so anything anybody has to contribute can be assured of a space. Anything sent for the Summer newsletter, if it wasn’t PRA, will certainly be in the next one.

Saturday’s eyetesting is virtually full but there are still quite a few appointments left for Sunday. Our good friends the Cesky Terriers put notice of the eye testing in their newsletter, thanks to them. Flyers are going out for the Companion Show and adverts will be in the local paper and both the dog papers. Also the schedule will be at Newark so anybody attending a dog show there will be able to pick one up. At risk of repeating but what the heck…..the weekend is in aid of fund raising towards discovering the PRA gene in Glen of Imaal Terriers but every breed is welcome at the eye testing or the Companion Show.

A few people who live away have been in touch and said they would like to send a donation to the cause. Thank you very much but please make sure that any cheques are made out to the Enthusiasts & Fanciers of Glens or EFG.

Soon Be April

Nearly April and things are starting to get more organised for the PRA FUNd Raising Weekend. The rosettes have arrived and they are very nice. You won’t be ashamed at all to put one on the wall.

National Terrier is the next show where a number of Glens can be seen together and this year there will be 28 at Stafford. Whilst some of us will be slumming  it in the dust of the New Bingley Hall Homer and his people will be in the best bib and tucker down at the Contest of Champions representing Glen of Imaal Terriers. One question? Does Homer get to wear a bow tie?

Looking Forward.

Spring has come in like a Lion, we are all hoping it goes out like a Lamb and perhaps a sign we might get a good summer particularly for a certain weekend in July!
Caravanners need to book ( those needing hook ups ) with the Poplars Farm as they have only limted site available. This is a small selective site 1/2 mile away from the FUNd weekend (on the same road ) so early bookings would be appreciated.01205 722692 ( Caravanning & Camping Club certified ).
Do not forget to let Jean know if you want to stay at the local motel so she can book you in at a special rate.  Offers of  new season Strawberry Jam already being talked about, seems cream teas now maybe on the menu.

Glen of Imaal Terrier Temperament

Are Glens prone to hysterical behaviour? It can categorically be stated that they aren’t. An earthquake strikes and they don’t make a sound whilst their owner works through everything from crashed helicopters to road accidents! Not a usual example to use for a terrier test description but as everybody knows Glens aren’t ordinary.

It’s only 10 days until Crufts so it’s becoming preparations R US. Crufts is always getting a quart into a pint pot and this year is no different. People and Glens are coming from all over the world so it’ll be busy, busy. There will be details of the PRA Fund Raising Weekend available at Crufts but the (get the jargon) high profile advertising will start end of March. Keep an eye up for it!


Didn’t Jason polish up well but his beautiful cream trousers wouldn’t have done if it was muddy. It was a wonderful bit of populist broadcasting but the dogs looked good so we forgive Paul repeating (once again) the myth of less than a thousand Glens worldwide. The global Glen community is getting a bit brassed off with it but what the heck; why should facts ruin a good story!

We can announce something for the men at the PRA Weekend in July. A lawnmower firm is coming with some of their very, very, very interesting sit and ride tractor mowers so now the menfolk have no excuse not to come. If you want any information about their products taking along just have a look at their website and email your requirements for brochures but don’t forget to tell them it is for the Glen of Imaal PRA Fundraising Weekend at Swineshead.

PRA Fundraising Weekend

July may seem a long way away but plans are well advanced for the GLEN OF IMAAL PRA Fundraising Weekend. The judges are booked and the licence has been granted for the Companion Show. Dr. Bedford is coming to do the eye testing and Professor Epplan will be giving a talk. Events are being organised, stands booked and stalls organised. There is even a Burger Van coming! Have you remembered to circle July 12 & 13 in the diary yet?