Can anybody help?

Today is an “ask” from Glen Services. (It has been edited for the strong language in case any kiddies, or anybody of a delicate nature, reads it.)

Is there anybody willing to give a Glen of Imaal Terrier spayed bitch a home for the last few years of her life? This brindle girl is 13 years old and her owners, not to put too fine a point on it, didn’t expect her to live so long! They are both now retired and want to go off and do things and well….you know…. The horrendous thing is Glen Services does know as this is the third one over the years that has been cast aside because they were healthy and just hadn’t succumbed to Anno Domini at a time to suit the owners.

If you can help drop Liz an email

Remember Oscar?

Glen Services asked if anybody would be willing to foster a Glen of Imaal Terrier whilst his owner sorted out housing problems. This has been received from her:-

“Delighted to tell you that (I think) a temporary home for Oscar. He’s going to ********* who has an 18 month male.  Oscar has been there a week now and appears to have settled down well.  He’s not barking and has stopped gnawing at his foot. The other dog has never lived with another animal and initially was rather unsure about the idea.  However, he’s now playing with Oscar and they share a basket which is great news.

Thank you so very much for all your help in our moment of panic!  Calmer waters are clearly ahead now.

Thank you a million times again! Take care”

That’s one boy hopefully sorted but there have been two other Glens out there and unfortunately both were in Rescue Kennels that, thank you but no, did not require assistance from any Breed Rescue. It isn’t even sure that one was a Glen as the size and weight given for a supposedly mature animal was incredibly small. They didn’t need any leaflets to pass onto new owners and they didn’t need a Glen expert to go along and assess him. The Kennels that he was in are very well known for giving the dogs in their care pedigree identification and thus boosting the adoption fee but we may obviously be being just a little cynical here. He has now been rehomed so hopefully he is (Glen or not) very sorted.

The other Glen is in America and this certainly is a cousin of us all as the pedigree is known. This Rescue Kennel also doesn’t want breed assistance so she stays in Kennels! Does anybody know anybody who can give a home to a Glen in Florida? McKenzie has been there a while and would surely appreciate a permanent berth.

If you are in the area….

Glen Services will be doing free micro-chipping at a Companion Dog Show at Selston Working Mens Club, Selston, Notts on Mon 5th May 2014 at 11.00am. If you are in the area or have friends/relatives anywhere near do drop Sue Boswell ( an email if you’d like your dog, not just Glen of Imaal Terriers, chipping.

Are you near NG16 6BT?

On October 19th Glen Services (Supported by the EFG) will be holding a FREE micro-chipping clinic at the Co-Op Car Park, Nottingham Road, Selston, NG16 6BT. It will run from 11.00am-1.00pm and no appointments are needed.

This is open to every breed, not just Glen of Imaal Terriers, and Glen Services acknowledges Dogs Trust for their donation of the chips.

American Breeders-specifically Ohio

Glen Services received this yesterday. It was explained that they are a UK Group but they would do their best. Emails have gone out but addresses change so often. This Glen of Imaal Terrier boy is actually advertised on Ebay America.

  • Price:$200
  • Address:King George,  VA 22485                     (map)
  • Date Posted:06/22/13
  • Age:Young
  • Gender:Male
  • Offered by:Owner
  • Description:
  • We bought Yoshaun from a breeder in Ohio, he has been with us since January. He is now 8 months old. We  have had all of his shots done but have not had him neutered as we planned to have a litter later in his life. He does not have his  papers because we were not going to pay $300 extra for them.  He will come with all of his vet paperwork as he is fully UTD. He  loves children and he loves other dogs and even is used to cats. He is housebroken and crate trained. There is a $200 adoption  fee and this includes a bag of his high protein food, some treats, a 2  month supply of Interceptor, and a month supply of Frontline plus, his leash and collar.

New stuff already here and on the way

The Glen Services website was recently updated. As always it doesn’t promote any country, kennel or breeder. It just tries to give the full story of the Glen of Imaal Terrier to anybody doing research via the internet. One of its greatest, and best thought of, features are the photographs provided by Glen people worldwide of Glens doing loads of everyday things. The “classic shots” are still there (David Seall’s bluebells, Anne Roslin-Williams’ Berg profile etc.) and the working photographs have a page of their own. For the first time in the update there is a Glen in a Therapy Vest so Mark Brown’s shot of Winston shows yet another talent to the breed’s bow. The front page of the site “lifts a paw” in gratitude for everybody who has sent photographs and those thanks are happily repeated here.

Obviously after the news at the back end of last week, the EFG is now registered, as well as recognised, by the Kennel Club, there will be a new EFG website. That won’t happen for a while yet because there are just a few things that take priority but rest assured it will be fully updated and it will appear on here when it happens!


Besides doing Glen of Imaal Terrier rescue Glen Services also assists breeders with placing their older dogs. They currently have somebody looking for a placement  later in the year so has anybody got a male Glen (not a puppy) looking to pack the proverbial little “red spotted handkerchief?”. The person is extremely experienced Glen owner. If you can help please email Liz

Yes, we do know about them

Thank you to the people who have let Glen Services know about the litter of cross bred Glen of Imaal Terrier puppies currently advertised. We have been in touch but our assistance is not needed as they have a lot of people wanting to give “the adorable babies” a home. This now makes two cross-bred litters in two months and in both instances the dam was the Glen. Where are these bitches coming from?