Crufts entries close TOMORROW

If you still like to place a stamp on an envelope entries close tomorrow for Crufts (or DFS Crufts as it seems to be called now) but there is still another week for on-line entries. Judge of Glen of Imaal Terriers on Friday March 12th will be Harold Gay, awarding his first set of Challenge Certificates in the breed…..33 years after he first owned one and generally acknowledged worldwide as somebody who “knows his stuff”. He has judged Glens previously at Crufts in 2001.

Judges 2010 (who are announced so far)

Shows that scheduled Glen of Imaal Terriers always used to have judges for future events scheduled pretty quickly but since Challenge Certificates were awarded it is getting later and later that appointments are officially acknowledged. Why?

Boston     David Shields (no CCs)

Crufts      Harold Gay (first time giving CCs)

National Terrier    Anne Hardy (second time giving CCs)

Birmingham National    Kathy George (second time giving CCs)

Bath      Karen Forbes (no CCs)

SKC          Alan Small (second time giving CCs)

3 Counties   Jean Rogers (no CCs)

Blackpool    Peter Chappell (no CCs)

WKC     Mel Hardy (second time giving CCs)

Darlington   Paul Eardley (third time giving CCs)

Belfast   Jeff Horswell (first time giving CCs)

Glen Association Show   John Bunting (second time giving CCs)

The missing judges will be posted as soon as officially acknowledged