Let’s applaud ourselves!!!!!!!!!

As it’s Crufts week the media will be on the look out for pedigree dog stories; wonder if they will pick up on the dog genome project? We announced that we were looking at it and sending a representative to the Seminar to ask questions. They went, they reported and we are so pleased and proud to report that Glen of Imaal Terriers are now number 12 on the list of breeds definitely participating. The seminar was on the Friday, the reports received over the weekend and by Tuesday two cheques had been received at the Animal Health Trust, one from each breed club. TOGETHER WE CAN!!! The full story can be read and hopefully any questions answered but the one thing that keeps coming up is “who will it be then?” We don’t know and we won’t know. It’ll be anonymous.

Alison Seall (EFG Health Representative) send the following:-Now that the Glen of Imaal Terrier breed clubs have agreed to back the “Give a Dog a Genome” (GDG) project at the Kennel Club’s Genetic Centre at the Animal Health Trust (AHT), the search for a suitable “candidate” Glen will soon begin

One possible source is our DNA Archive at the AHT and so we would like to encourage Glen owners to submit cheek swabs from their Glens, for the archive … and maybe your Glen will be the one chosen to have his/her whole genome sequenced.  NB. The AHT will not reveal the identity of the Glen whose genome is sequenced.

If you wish to make a contribution to our DNA Archive, please contact me to request a swab kit: 

Alison Seall, EFG Health Coordinator : Email: efghealth@gmail.com : Tel: 01403 269038

(The AHT request a small, voluntary donation of £5.00 to cover the cost of the swab kit, administration costs and long-term storage).

For more information and a video demonstrating how to take the swabs, please visit the EFGHealth website: www.efghealth.co.uk/dna_archive.html

You can find information about: How to request a swab kit — Contents of the DNA swab kit — Documentation requested by the Animal Health Trust



Let’s start the week…..

….with something aimed for opinions!

The EFG is still waiting for word from the Kennel Club regarding official recognition but we aren’t just sitting doing nothing. One of the things up for consideration is updating the Code of Ethics. It’s a decent code but nothing really startling and the current climate requires more so how far should we go? As it says we shall already be asking about DNA testing to be included-one of the things up for debate-but what else? Some countries check for anything and everything, the Finns put it all online, but others do nothing at all on an official basis.

It has always been a proud boast that the EFG is for the Glen of Imaal Terrier in its entirety so thoughts are invited? It would be nice if opinions (keep it clean please) could be placed on here but even if you are shy about publicly expressing do send Jean your thoughts-they will be taken.

Health page updated (please read to bottom)

Thanks for the suggestions that the EFG health pages could do a bit of updating; they have now been done. Whilst on the subject of health a few co-ordinators have been in touch after the recent Breed Health Co-ordinators Seminar. Glen of Imaal Association Co-ordinator Don Harley told the meeting that, after a Stud Dog & Brood Bitch owners meetings to which people had been invited, it had been decided that only Glens DNA tested and micro-chipped would be bred from. This is now incorporated in to the Code of Ethics and has been passed by the Kennel Club. That was the bit that impressed others there as they  had wanted to do this with their own breeds but the KC had said no as it was too restrictive. What was the Association’s secret?

From Don Harley: I realized  it was incorrect about brood bitches, and I believe that I said that  I would LIKE to see it in the code of ethics,but then when there are people making notes maybe I should  have spoken louder or more clearly.Therefore I would like the blog  to be corrected.

It isn’t just dogs…

A lot of discussion has been going on recently about genetic testing and problems with close breeding. It would be easy to think that it only concerned dogs but other species are also going down that route. Today the Animal Health Trust announced the discovery of a marker for “Foal Immunodeficiency Syndrome”, something that affects Fell and Dales and potentially any mixed-breed pony related to either of them. Maybe the “mongrels are healthier” cry isn’t as true as some like to think?