Just run it by me again….

The “Make Me An Offer” stall at the EFG Companion Show (just two days to go now) will be of interest to anybody who likes the unusual or the different. The 3D viewer and the Holly & Lil collar are a couple of the things there but how about a brand new barkbuster collar? A Glen of Imaal Terrier head sketch? What about a Toby Jug? There are even a couple of coffee table books. A rather nice set of cut glasses engraved with Glens has pride of place and they would be rather special for any Glen collector in this country as they were sent from America.

Some things, like the glasses and the Holly & Lil collar, will has a Reserve but others are what it says on the tin….make me an offer!

Make me an offer….of what?

Thank you but a load of concrete isn’t quite what we had in mind, you can always trust Glen of Imaal Terrier people to be literally minded! The “Make Me An Offer” stall is a new one at the EFG Companion Show (in aid of Hearing Dogs For the Deaf) but there are a few interesting items.

Have a look at Holly & Lil and the their collars. There is a 17″ vanilla calf leather collar  size 4 so 13″ to 16″ buckle to hole
(nominally 18″ overall) waiting to see what interest it gets. It was part of the celebrity collection and decorated and signed by Emily Head of the Inbetweeners and engraved with her name on the reverse of the Holly & Lil charm. It has only been lightly worn as a dress collar for Discover Dogs & high days & holidays.

Remember the Vistascreen 3D viewers? We’ve got one in full excellent order (with box), believed to date from the late 50s/early 60s, and with it is a full set of 25 “Working Dog” cards and, yes, the Glen of Imaal Terrier is there. This should go as a set but we are willing to part with individual cards; the set comprises of

(1)    The Corgi (shows a Pembroke corgi), (2)    Whippets

(3)    Springer Spaniel, (4)    Labrador Retriever, (5)    Beagles

(6)    Basset Hounds, (7)    English Pointer (small pen mark, 6mm, on reverse)

(8)    Guide Dog  –  illustrated with a Golden Retriever in harness.

(9)    Old English Sheepdog

(10)  Flat Coat Retriever (this is the worst condition of all the cards having a small tear to the top edge, a 10mm P in biro on the back and a light crease however it works in the 3D viewer and  would look fine in a frame.)

(11)  Border Collie – shown working  a black faced sheep

(12)  The Clumber Spaniel  – shown with gun and possibly at the home of the breed  –  Clumber Park near Worksop.

(13)  Alsatian – illustrated by a working police dog and using the name in common use before German Shepherd Dog (GSD) became the norm.

(14)  Husky –  possibly a Canadian is pictured but the Siberian is also listed on the reverse along with the Samoyed, the Eskimo and the Alaskan Malamute.

(15)  Bearded Collie, (16) The Dalmatian, (17)  Shetland Sheepdog

(18)  Pointers  –  possibly showing an American Style pointer in the field.

(19)  Glen of Imaal Terrier, (20)  Bloodhounds, (21) The Irish Wolfhound

(22)  Foxhounds  – naturally illustrated with a mounted huntsman.

(23)  Papillons- don’t ask us why a toy breed is part of a working dogs set unless being a companion comes into the definition of work.

(24)  Maremma Sheepdog, (25)  Irish Setter (Pencil 8mm S on reverse)

Pre-offers will be taken on the items above. If further details are required or you want to make any offer email diademhill@googlemail.com

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