DNA testing in Ireland

Any Glen owners in Ireland wishing to have their Glen of Imaal Terrier tested for PRA should email Enda Buckley asap with their dogs details, and microchip number so he can register them with Optigen, bloods will be sent off in 2 weeks time so please get in touch now, Endas’ email address is endabuckley79@gmail.com

Ireland and Hunting; will it continue?

It has been widely leaked in the Irish Press that the Green Party is pushing an animal rights agenda in a bid to get support from their party faithful to support economic cut backs by the government of which they form a part.

A formal letter was this week sent to An Taoiseach, Brian Cowen TD, by the Chair of the Hunting Association of Ireland (HAI) and a constituent of Mr Cowen. The HAI has mobilised support to keep the pressure on Fianna Fail, the majority party in the Government, not to heed the pressure from the Green Party to implement animal rights legislation on the Statute Book in Ireland. The message to An Taoiseach has been loud and clear, urging him not to make the same mistakes that have been made in the mainland UK in relation to hunting and coursing.

The programme for government is going to be agreed today (Friday 9th October) between Fianna Fail and the Green Party.

Just for the file.

Admittedly quite a few years ago now it was usual to go to dog shows in Ireland as a walk on passenger. A joint train/ferry ticket would be purchased and the journey would begin at the local railway station. A backpack and a Glen of Imaal Terrier on a lead was the only luggage needed to “head west” and visit the Irish roots. Recently the same was attempted but a snag was encountered. Obviously Stena don’t believe in attempting to minimilise carbon footprints and reduce car travel!

Get the hankie out….

A matter of a few hours and already comments and emails. It is very touching to know the blog was missed!

The photograph now resident at the top was taken in 1981 and to those of us around then it isn’t old. How can it be when we aren’t….well not on the inside anyway! Left to right the Glen of Imaal Terriers are:-

Pippa (Sammac Pippa Girl at Laureats). She was bred in Northern Ireland and was a cream. Are there any of that colour still around? The most recent that springs to mind was Dixie.

Bib (Eversley Beatrice at Laureats). Bred in Scotland and was brindle in colour.

Berg (Eversley Patrick) brother to Bib. He was a blue-brindle and led what is know commonly known as “the second coming”.

Carrie (Irish Champion Knockroe Shevaun). Bred in the South-West of Ireland and was a closet-grizzle.

Zac (Malsville Guitar Man). Bred in Wales and was red and white. On maturity his deep red wheaten coat with the contrasting nearly white head hair and feathering led many people in other breeds to very discreetly ask his owner just what did she put onto his coat to get that effect? Lyn would just smile and reply (quite honestly) “nature”.