Very last minute reminder

This weekend is probably the best chance to do Glen of Imaal Terrier overload in Ireland. On the 14th, at the IKC Showground, is the Championship Show of the Irish Breeds Society and then on the 15th the Irish Glen of Imaal Sporting Club has its show at Donoughmore Hall, Castleruddery, Glen of Imaal, Co Wicklow.

For the file

From the Irish Sporting Glen of Imaal Terrier Club:

The Irish glen of Imaal Sporting Club has been refused application for affiliation to the Irish Kennel club. The reason non so far despite contacting the kennel club 8 times in 2 week they still have not given us a reason for the refusal.  The glen of Imaal sporting club is the biggest Glen club in Ireland and is making great strides to ensure healthy dogs. We have a glen rescue centre for unwanted glens, A data base of Irish Glens to help members that want to breed, work out inbreeding % of the dogs so we can get it as low as possible to maintain strong dogs, and over 40 dogs DNA Tested for PRA in 4 years. We hold a field day and fun show every September and get 30 to 50 glens entered.   We applied for affiliation first in 2010 where we were told there would be a probation period of 3 years before full affiliation would be granted and we could carry on with our field days as normal until full affiliation was granted. We have not received any booklet with conditions or rules for  affiliation from the Irish kennel club. This means we have to guess our way through the year and what were supposed to do. Even on the web site if you were new to the breed there is no contact club for glens. (The Irish Glen of Imaal was a breed simply forgotten) not much is changing in the breed’s origin.

Getting even more worth reading!

The “difficult and awkward” days always causes lots of reading and comments; today’s will  possibly be no different. A long time ago now the question of the relevance of the Glen of Imaal Terrier breed standard to the actual dog came up & some in the worldwide community were not polite about the perceived slight to Glens by non Irish owners.

The following comes from the Irish Sporting Glen Club-the Comment is from one of their most respected members & breeders.

General Appearance  :  Medium  sized with  medium  length coat,  great strength with the impression  of maximum substance for the size of the dog

COMMENT: Good description.

Important Proportion : Body longer than high and low to the ground.

COMMENT: OK as outline statement, otherwise use less. Why not give proportions as in previous standards?

Behaviour/Temerament : Active, agile and silent when working.  Game and spirited with great courage when called upon, otherwise gentle and docile, who oozes personality; his loyal and affectionate nature makes him a very acceptable house dog and companion.  The Irish Glen of Imaal is said to be less easily excited than other terriers, though he is always ready to give chase when called on.

COMMENT: True, but of little or no use to a judge when the Glen is being exhibited.



Skull : Of good width and of fair length.     COMMENT: How wide is good/how long is fair?

Stop : Pronounced.             COMMENT: Well described


Nose : Black.

Muzzle : Foreface of power, tapering to the nose.

Jaws : Strong.

COMMENT: Very good description but some dimensions would greatly assist judges.

Teeth : Teeth sound, regular, strong and of good size. Scissor bite.

COMMENT: Is level mouth acceptable or not?

Eyes : Brown, medium size, round and set well apart.  Light eyes should be penalised

COMMENT: Well described, but in the case of “missing eye” should this mean disqualification or not?

Ears : Small rose or half pricked when alert, thrown back when in repose.  Full drop or prick undesirable.

COMMENT: Do you disqualify full drop & prick or not?

Neck : Very muscular and of moderate length.

COMMENT: How long is moderate?

Body : Deep and long, and longer than high.

COMMENT: Accurate outline statement, but does not fully state the height/length ratio as per previous standards.

Topline : Level.

COMMENT: I do not agree with this statement. Height at withers usually 1-1.5 ins lower than height at loin. High point at loin was for wedging dog against roof of sett when extracting prey. “Straight” would be more appropriate word, neither roached nor hollow. However modern Glens are virtually level at top line-due to lack of use modern Glens are no longer worked. Does this mean that the dog that is high at loin is not up to standard? “Rising slightly” would be more appropriate.

Loin : Strong.

Chest : Wide and strong, ribs well sprung.

Tail : Docked.  Strong at root, well set on and carried gaily.  Pups tails docked to half length.  A natural tail (undocked) is allowed for in countries where docking is banned by law.



Shoulders : Broad, muscular and well laid back.  COMMENT: Excellent description

Forelegs : Short, bowed and well boned.

Feet : Compact and strong with rounded pads.  Front feet to turn out slightly from pasterns.


Hindquarters : Strong and well muscled.

Thighs : Well muscled.

Stifle :  Well bent.

Hocks : Turned neither in nor out.

Feet : Compact and strong with rounded pads.


Gait/Movement : Free, not hackneyed. Covers ground effortlessly with good drive behind.

Coat/Hair : Medium length, of harsh texture with soft undercoat.  Coat may  be tidied to present a neat outline.


Colour : Blue brindle but not toning to black. Wheaten, from  a  light wheaten  colour to  a golden  reddish shade. Puppies may be born coloured Blue, Wheaten, or Reddish.  Lighter coloured pups usually have an inky blue mask, and there may also be a streak of Blue down the back, on the tail, and on the ears.  The darker markings will clear with maturity.

COMMENT: Very good description


Height at the withers : Dogs : 14 inches (35,5 cm) is the maximum  Bitches : accordingly less.

Weight :  Dogs : 35 lbs (16kg).  Bitches : accordingly less.

COMMENT: Good & accurate description regarding height of dog. Bad in the case of bitches, what is accordingly? How can a judge decide? Very ambiguous description for bitches. No minimum height as stated in previous standards.

Faults : Any departure  from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and  the seriousness with which  the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree and its effect upon the health and welfare of the dog.

  • Hound ears.
  • Undershot bite, overshot bite.
  • Too short in body.
  • Straight front.

COMMENT: Acceptable faults description but why are only the above mentioned? What about too long in body?

Eliminating faults :

Aggresive or overly shy. Black & Tan colour. Narrow foreface.

COMMENT: Why is black & tan here? Many “old time” Glens were this colour and what about “dudley”(liver)?

Irish Sporting Glen of Imaal Terrier Club critique

I would like to say how honoured i was to be asked to judge this show and what a great time i had seeing some really top Glen of Imaal terriers. The open dog class was a real cracker 5 really good dogs the best class of glens ive ever judged i really enjoyed that class. The junior dogs were good and the single pup dog was again impressive. These dogs had good heads ,good bone and were really solid and really fit not an unfit dog their and the vast majority were in hard condition and had good hard coats,good toplines and a majority moved very well all were a credit to thier owners.

 The bitches were also good solid animals of really good quality again they were really fit good heads,as as mentioned about the dogs they were all a credit to thier owners.

One thing i must mention is how inclusive this show is the whole club encourage children and young people to ENJOY the day. The children had colouring classes with prizes the shore classes,weight pulling and racing make it a real day how the stuffy,bitchy and sometimes unfriendly kc shows could learn from this club how to make dog ownership and showing a pleasant day out.Well done Enda,Mrs Buckley,Connie and ALL her family,Marie, and everyone else who supported the show and a special thank you to Eamonn Dobbyn and his family .

 Classes puppy dog-1st-Baillielands Douglas. A nice strong blue dog pup ,strong head good bite, good stop with a good ear set good front,good solid body and topline,moved well  coat needed a bit a tidying.

Junior dog-1st-Baillilands Oire. A good wheaten dog good head,stop and ear set good front a good hard body and coat moved well with a good topline shown in hard condition.

 2nd Paddys Growler another good wheaten dog again a good strong head with a very good stop and good ear set,good front and again a good hard body he moved well with a good topline beaten in a close call on the bite.

 3rd Saggert Slade

Open Dog-1st-Scholsey a very good wheaten dog large,strong head with a good stop and ear set a good sissor bite powerful strong neck and body,excellent front and body with a great topline on the move and moved well in hard condition.

 2nd-Carrighglen Torcan Wheaten A large strong head,good stop and ear set and good bite strong and powerful neck and excellent front and body with a very good topline and moved well again shown in hard condition. Very unlucky to come up against the winner thier was a fag paper between them.

3rd Mayos limited edition

4th Ballyclare Oscar a very good class.

 Puppy Bitches-1st Baillielands Leanbh Orga- A very nice wheaten bitch puppy a strong but feminine head with a good stop and ear set .A good front and body with a nice hard coat and topline held her tail gaily and moved well.

 2nd- Lucky Lady At Baillielands a nice bitch with a fair head not as good a stop as the winner but good ear set and bite ,good front and body nice topline didnt move as well as the winner.

 3rd Moonladies Mrs Doyle

Open Bitch-1st Penny this is one of the best glen bitches ive seen A excellent head ,Ears,bite,stop all excellent a good front with a great body and topline moved like a dream shown in hard condition and could have been BIS show but let down in the coat condition. A great bitch on top and where it matters.

 2nd Knockroe Adventure a a nice compact wheaten bitch with a nice femine head a fair stop ear set and bite nice front moved ook with a nice topline and coat.

3rd Ballyfoyle Nettle

 BIS ,Best Dog Scholsey. Best Bitch-Baillielands Leanbh Orga

 Best in Shore -Knockroe Adventure

 Best racer- Scholsey

Best weight pulling Cillieogloin Beibhinn

 Best overall- Scholsey a dog save from being destroyed some 8 months ago by his owners Colin and Carmel a really lovely young couple thier 1st time at a show.

 Stephen.G.Holmes (Judge)