Birmingham Gundog & Terrier critique


I would like to say firstly, a big thank you to all those who entered. I am very grateful for your support. Coats were to be expected for this time of year but this doesn’t mean they should not be trimmed and presentable; this cost a few exhibitors in their placings and I also think it effects the credibility of the breed that we cannot keep the dogs looking similar and the presentation the same.

The Standard of mouths has improved greatly within my 35years of being in the breed which is very pleasing, unfortunately that’s where it ends.

Puppy dog – no entries

Junior dog – no entries

Pg Dog

1st – Tobijanski’s Romainville Becks Blue For Zippor. Something about this dog that took my eye, had great presence in the ring. Very nice head and expression with dark eyes. Nice dark blue colour, strong bone, trimmed enough to compensate for the coat in need of stripping. Strong movement with purpose BOB

2nd – Samuel’s Jeonty Yippe Kiaye. 3 year old blue dog, good mouth & his coat was good. He moved soundly but 1st place moved better.

3rd-Dunning’s Romainville Freddie’s Choice. Nice little wheaten dog. Coat & mouth all good, shame he didn’t show on this occasion for his handler.

Limit dog

1st – Alstead’s Golden Spurs. Brindle Dog, presented well, nice size with a good out line. Good expression and one of the only   dogs in coat. Showed well

2nd – Rogers’ Gleann Dynamo Man at Jeonty. Well bone dog, strong head with a nice dark brindle coat. Would have like to see his head trimmed a little better especially around his eyes. Overall a sound dog, didn’t show as good as 1st place.

3rd Hannington’s Boudivella Osca. Wheaten dog, Strong head & good mouth. Looked slightly narrow at the front just about got my hand between his upper front legs, he showed well and moved with purpose.

Open dog

1st – Hadley’s CH Donvaleset Rebus. Over ten years old but you wouldn’t think so. Very powerful well boned specimen, deep rib, good span between front legs and well-muscled.   Strong head and hind quarters. The lack of trimming of this dog was an issue which was a great shame.

Puppy bitch

1st – Hannington’s Boudivella Tegan. Very much a baby, very inquisitive and concentrating on everything except showing. When she did stand her front look nice, her bone structure was correct and at times she moved well. BP

Junior bitch

1st – Alstead’s Sigrid Helga at Pantcottage. Just out of puppy into Junior, very nice bitch lovely head and expression feminine but still strong with it. Nice brindle colour and moved well. Nice proportions.


1st – Rogers’ Jeonty Minnie Meme. Wheaten bitch, Strong head and forefront nice top line and hind quarters. Back movement very good,


1st – Seall’s Bregorrey Madam Defiance. Nice dark brindle bitch, her proportions were good with a nice top line and front. Feminine head with good pigmentation. Although she didn’t look the happiest show dog her presentation and performance was good enough for BOS.



Final reminder for the EFG Open Show

Entries close for the EFG Open Show in April 10th so take this as the last reminder to get your envelope into the post. Schedules are still available on the EFG website. Don’t forget Birmingham Gundog & Terrier as well-two chances to show your Glen of Imaal Terrier under 2 breed judges:-Karen Forbes at the EFG event and Jamie Sage for G&T. With the EFG there’s £10 on offer for BIS and £5 for RBIS, BP & Best Veteran so you could even get some of your fuel money back. That doesn’t happen very often these days!

Reminder for the weekend.

It’s National Terrier on Saturday so check the show bag to see if you’ve remembered to put the entry in for the EFG Open Show (Sue will be there to collect them) and any membership monies you forgot to give over at Crufts. If you can’t find your EFG Schedule it’s on the website and entries close on April 10th. Karen Forbes is judging.

The EFG Open Show is held alongside Birmingham Gundog & Terrier so you’ll get two bites of the showing cherry for just one set of travelling costs. Jamie Sage is judging Glen of Imaal Terriers at G&T and entries can be given either direct to Rachel Leeson at NT or made online at Fosse Data

Entries closing….

South Wales Kennel Association, terrier day Sunday 13th October,Glen of Imaal Terrier judge Jean Rogers, closes online today and they have said they WILL NOT be extending entries. Midland Counties closes snail mail today. Jamie Sage is the Glen judge there and terrier day is Friday 25th.

Oh yes and as the 2014 Judges List got a comment regarding breed judges (Hurrah!!) the poster will surely be pleased to see two breed people down to judge in one post!