From the Breed Education Co-Ordinator

On Sunday 15th July, I went to the Breed Education Co-ordinator day at Stoneleigh on behalf of both breed clubs. It was a long day with representatives of the majority breeds present. Many questions were asked after the presentations. The aim of the day was to discuss the Judges Competency Framework (JCF) and Breed Appreciation Days (now known as BADs). Following this I wrote with the way forward to both clubs and this has been recently or due to be discussed soon by both committees.

The full details of the JCF can be seen on line at

Prospective judges at level 2 ( who have completed level 1), will need to attend 3 mentor sessions which may be in a group or one-to -one. So the search is on for mentors, I have been given some initial names and I will be contacting these people over the coming weeks to see if they are interested. Mentors can be active or retired judges that award CC’s in breed or respected breeders/handlers that have achieved success. If anybody is interested in becoming a mentor or a judge and would like more information, please contact me directly at

Plans are underway for a BAD next year, more details will follow when the date has been set.

Jane Alstead (Glen of Imaal Terrier Breed Education Co-Ordinator)


Breed Education Co-ordinator

The Breed Education Coordinator for Glen of Imaal Terriers is Jane Alstead. She is fully aware that people are asking about a Seminar, or Breed Appreciation Day as they are now to be called, for Glens. As an aside which focus group decided they should be known as B.A.D now? As soon as she finds her feet plans will begin. Jane can be contacted via email at