Crufts 2015 Critique

Glen of Imaal Terrier

Temperaments were good except one nervous dog which is not typical, some straight fronts and level top lines, some also lacked substance which take away the essence of the breed. Some move to fast which throws them off balance. Coat presentation on the hole was good , but some lacked that harsh texture. I was pleased with my principal winners.


1st Welch Ch/Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad. This dog is 10 years old and a credit to his owner good head with strong jaw, good shoulder, well balanced throughout moved well

Puppy Dog

1st George Romainville Delli Gaf. Pleasing puppy ok in head well placed ears, good neck and shoulders good spring of rib good tail set moved well

Junior Dog

1st Alstead Golden Spurs. Good head and expression well placed ears ok in front and rear, harsh coat covered ground well

Post Grad Dog

1st Sage Romainville Fast N’Furious at Wickholm well balanced free moving dog, broad skull with good stop, neck and topline was firm and strong, tail set on and carried well RCC

2nd Squires Bendikes Edward Bear at Squiresbeach strong head large nose and good bite,good width across shoulders well ribbed harsh coat

Limit Dog

1st Hardy Amard High Flyer dark eye well placed ears, nice ribbing and top line moved ok, new coat coming through

Open Dog

1st George & Sullivan Romainville Billy Whizz soundly made dog of correct proportions,balanced head with strong jaw, good width across shoulders well ribbed and correct rising topline, strong muscular hindquarters, free mover who covered the ground well harsh coat. CC & BOB

2nd Nesbitt GCh/Ir Ch Abberann Torcan Strong head with good bite, good stop, well placed ears strong neck and lay back of shoulder, well ribbed and good length, well set on tail, harsh coat moved well

3rd Ashcroft Ch Romainville Tyhoon


Veteran B

Seall Ch Brockland Belle Bregorrey. 10 years old and still covered the ground with ease, dark eye good bite with clean teeth, strong neck into good shoulders, good top line well angulated

Puppy Bitch

1st George Romainville Annabelle pleasing puppy with correct bite, good head proportions ears carried correctly, good front well ribbed good outline and overall balance, moved well

2nd Percy Ringhaddy Teal not as well boned as 1 dark eye with good bite ears not correct, nice neck and shoulder both dog and handler need more ring experience

Junior Bitch

Studd Wickholm Gone in Sixty Seconds. Pleasing well balanced bitch good head with large teeth, good pigmentation , good shoulder and correct front, good top line and tail set good angulation and moved well

Post Grad Bitch

1st Baldock Ellerton Dusky Beauty. Good overall balance strong head good neck into well laid shoulders well ribbed with strong rear moved well RCC

2nd Harvey Romainville Lady First. Not as strong in head as 1 ear carriage could be better, good ribbing and rear, coat coming moved ok

Limit Bitch

1st Rogers Jeonty Meme Fern. Good outline and overall balance feminine head neat ears, good neck and shoulders well ribbed and correct top line and tail carriage good harsh coat moved well. CC

2nd George & Sullivan Romainville Rock on Ruby. Well made bitch good neck and shoulders correct front, good bone and substance well angulated moved well

3rd Ashcroft Romainville Moira

Open Bitch

1st Seall Bregorrey Lady Belleisle. Well made bitch good bone and substance, pleasing head and front correct top line rising to a tail well set on harsh coat well presented

2nd White Abberann Dervla. Lively mover needs to slow down and concentrate to show herself to the best advantage pleasing head with correct bite, neat ears, good bone and substance

3rd Baldock Jeonty Maybe Daysee




Crufts results and first pictures

Crufts is the place to meet people! Glen of Imaal Terrier people from around the world had a brilliant time with “it must be x number of years since we….” Obviously all memories were at fault because we are far too young to have known each other for such a long time!

We weren’t in the ring as late as sometimes so all in all not a bad day; it was actually a very good one. It was particularly excellent for Kathy & Jean as judge Jane Withers chose their animals for the big green cards.

Dog CC & BOB Romainville Billy Whizz, Bitch CC (New Champion) Jeonty MeMe Fern

Res Dog CC Romainville Fast N Furious at Wickholm. Res Bitch CC Ellerton Dusky Beauty

First prize cards were taken home by Brockland Brayhead Lad, Romainville Dilligaf, Golden Spur, Romainville Fast N Furious at Wickholm, Amhard High Flyer, Romainville Billy Whizz, Brockland Belle Bregorrey, Romainville Annabelle, Wickholm Gone In Sixty Seconds, Ellerton Dusky Beauty, Jeonty Meme Fern, Bregorrey Lady Belleisle.

Applause to everybody and there will be more Crufts news (and photographs) tomorrow

Got your Crufts tickets yet?

Even though Crufts isn’t until March tickets have been on sale for quite a while. Terrier Day is Saturday 7th March with Jane Withers judging Glen of Imaal Terriers but what about other days? Most terrier folk never leave the relevant hall of their breed and go home with a “what show?” expression. Maybe you could visit on another day and actually see what it is all about.

Who is Jane……..?

Yesterday the list of 2015 Crufts judges debuted on Facebook. Some people have known for a while who the Glen of Imaal Terrier judge was to be so apologises to the ones who haven’t, it should have been realised that calendars are planned well in advance and it been announced on here so organisation could begin. So to answer the email “Who is Jane Withers……”

Jane Withers (Pajantick) had her first Glen in 1981, so this makes her one of the senior enthusiasts in this country, and she still owns them today. She is one of the few people in the UK who have owned an Irish Champion and has bred European and American Champion Glens. Her affix is still active in the Glen ring.

Blimey…it was a bit warm!

Over the years the sacrifices to the weather God have been practised on an annual basis so we do have a bit of ability in the art; if there are any doubts on how good we are just think back to Saturday’s weather-the hottest of the year and we even avoided the thunderstorm that crashed its way around a few miles away!

Actually we did wonder if our undoubted skill would be our undoing as the temperatures continued to climb but people came. They came early and hung around and came with minutes to spare. They came with parasols, with cool coats and with cameras to prove there WAS a summer in 2013. Pedigree judge Max King took great pains with each exhibitor, we often forget how peculiar our sport is, and Novelty Judge Jane Withers made a lot of people’s day. A lady who wasn’t sure “if she should” took home a rosette and trophy and a young lady had the best day of her life because, as she pointed out to many, Mum got a third, Dad a second but I got a first and a medal! A new Junior Handler is born.

The weekend started on the Wednesday (okay it was a long weekend) when the first people pulled onto site and by Thursday there were 22 present for supper. Glen of Imaal Terrier people rarely miss an opportunity so the “bring and share” meal saw everything from gammons to lasagne to salmon to deserts to add on the extra pounds on for. Friday was more arrivals, more putting up of gazebos and lots more gossiping and catching up and early Saturday morning even more Glen folk arrived so we were good to go as the photo from Nicki Montford shows

Just to recap

The EFG Companion Show at Swineshead (PE20 3HH) on July 13th has 2 judges; Max King will judge the Pedigrees and Jane Withers the novelty classes. Entries will be taken from 10.30pm and judging will start at Midday. A schedule can be viewed here

The BVA/KC eye testing will be done by Peter Bedford and appointments are needed. Sheila is the lady to contact and there are a few afternoon appointments left. All dogs have to be micro-chipped now before an eye test can take place but don’t worry if yours isn’t done as micro-chipping will be available-Sue would appreciate a call if your dog needs doing so she’ll know how many chips to bring.

There are rosettes first to fourth and various specials. Wagg Dog Foods and Fish4dogs have kindly sponsored some awards. There will be all the usual associated booths and stalls around the field. Obviously Hearing Dogs for the Deaf will be present and there will be a beginners agility course.

Yes, there will be toilets in the field!

SKC (May) Critique




 Junior Dog

stRogers Bregorrey Wannabe Victory by Jeonty

Good head, large teeth, strong jaw , strong neck into well laid shoulders,

Good rear, moved well CC & BOB

2nd promising head, well placed ears, good front, correct topline,  good coat texture,

Good angulation,, moved OK RCC


Junior Bitch

1stRogers Jeonty Meme Fern

Promising bitch , good head with dark eyes, good bite with large teeth,

Good spring of rib, moved well RCC

2nd  Kennedy Borderglens Jammy Shannon

Not the head of one, though well proportioned, well placed ears, good neck and shoulders, harsh coat, moved ok, her young handler got the most out of her

3rd Baldock Ellerton Dusky Beauty


Post Grad

1st Kennedy Borderglens Jammy Shannon

2nd Kennedy Borderglens My Fair Lady

Good length of head,  good bite, ok top line , harsh coat


Limit Bitch

1st Hardy Amhard Ginger Galore

Good width of skull, good expression,  powerful neck , well ribbed, good topline and tail set harsh coat


Open Bitch

1st  Baldock Jeonty Maybee Daysee

Well balanced head, good front, well ribbed, good topline, and well angulated carrying a little too much weight BCC