SKC & Southern Counties Critique


Firstly may I thank SKC for the appointment and the exhibitors for their entry. For most a way to travel and much appreciated.

 Junior Dog (4.1) A quality class of youngsters ranging from 7 months to 16 months.

1)Hannington: Boudivella Oscar he has now reached that teenage stage a developing glen that now needs maturity. Body condition good, needs time now. Moved well both ways. Head, eye, muzzle and teeth okay. Presented well with good coat covering. Did enough to take the RCC.

2)Tobijanski: Romainville Becks Blue for Zippor. Having recently moved home has come on in the recent weeks. Good head and expression. At this stage was presented in excellent condition, however coat soft. Balanced throughout with good movement forward and back. A very good overall performance deserving BP.

3)Hogburn: Pajantick Razamataz. A youngster, presentation and condition very good. Developing well with good head and kind eye for age. However slightly longer in body and requires to muscle up but at 7 months has plenty of time, improving with each month. One to watch for the future. Moved well just missing out against the older competition.


 Post Graduate (1.1)

 Limit Dog          (2.1)

1)Perrie: Poachersmoon Angus Mag Og. Coming up 4 yrs. old and a strong substantial glen. It is nice to see that the owner has taken advice given and is working hard on presentation. Has a way to go but such an improvement. Strong head, keen eye and good foreface with a well-muscled body and deep chest. Well boned. Coat is much improved. Just lacked in rear movement and drive in the challenge.

Open Dog (2.1)

1)Hogburn: Pajantick Star Trooper. What a little showman he is turning into. 4 years old and maturing nicely. Loved his head and kind eye and in superb harsh coat condition presented well with adequate bone. Moved with drive and purpose, good angulation, giving nothing away. Mouth could be better but you could not take away from the overall glen it was his day and he deserved the CC and BOB. His presence in the group ring was noted as he moved out putting on a good performance.

Post Graduate Bitch (1.1)

1)Baldock: Ellerton Dusky Beauty. Again another 4 yr old and now maturing into a lovely brindle bitch. Well-proportioned head, excellent eye colour good foreface and good mouth. Excellent expression Well-muscled with deep chest and good spring of rib and carrying excellent bone. Good turn of stifle. Moving well. Taking the deserved CC just missing out against the dog who was not giving away his day.

Limit Bitch (2.1)

1)Hannington: Romainville Uptown Girl. 5 yr old mature bitch of excellent harsh dark brindle coat. Well-presented. Head slightly narrow for me, however good dentition and eye colour, nice expression. Moved out both ways with drive, carrying good overall muscle tone but of lighter bone and not so deep through. Though did enough to deserve RCC on the day.

Jean Rogers (Judge)



It was with great excitement and honour I accepted a Judging Appointment for Glen of Imaal Terriers at Southern Counties CA. I can’t say I wasn’t disappointed when I received my entry, but when I was in the ring I was pleased with the quality of the dogs present, a big thanks to the exhibitors I had a great day.


Entries: 2 Absentees: 1
An excellent puppy, only 7 months old, powerful in head, dark eye uses ears well, teeth and bite second to none, excellent well boned front, enough rib for age, correct topline, strong well boned with good angulation, good coat, showed and moved well, one to watch when he matures.

Entries: 1 Absentees: 0
Good balanced dog, strength and depth to a good shaped head and jaw, correct topline, well boned and very powerful backend, muscle as hard as iron, showed and moved well with drive, a bit short in jacket, but a good confident dog I think could do a days work.

Entries: 1 Absentees: 0
A real feminine baby only 7 months old, beautiful expression, good headshape, excellent eye, good bone and front, enough body for age, hard coat, but didn’t show in her class, but moved well with tail up in the puppy challenge with her brother for best pup.




Want to plan the year?

The following judges have been confirmed for Glen of Imaal Terriers at Championship Shows 2016:-
Crufts: Bill Brown-Cole

National Terrier: Jeff Luscott

Birmingham National: Val Harley

SKC: Jean Rogers

Bath: Paul Wilkinson

Leeds: Don Harley

WKC: Pat Chadwick

Darlington: Max King

SWKA: Jeff Horswell

Glen of Imaal Association: Tim Harrison

Anybody know the Belfast judge?

Helsinki 2014…and something else

What a fabulous thing the 2014 World Show, and all the associated events, seem to have been. For Glen of Imaal Terriers it began with Terri-Eri 2014, then the Glen of Imaal Terrier Specialty Show 2014 and finally the World Dog Show.

The Terrier Show had Gleann Una Noonan BOB with the veteran Miimoksen Sirius Best Opposite Sex. The news of the show was the debut of the first American bred Glen to be shown in Finland. Finnabair North American Nebulon flew in (complete with handler) and took Best Puppy and then Puppy Group 3!!!!

The Glen Specialty, judged by Jean Rogers, saw Taramont O’Mara take the BOB rosette and Pearytail Artless Tess Best Bitch. Best Puppy was Finnabair North American Nebulon. with Miimoksen Sirius again Best Veteran.

The World Show was an American triumph as the US Number One Glen GCH Finnabair Ardmore Ned added a Finnish title to his name with BOB. Pearytail Artless Tess was again Best Opposite with the Veteran titles being awarded to Gleann Nora and Miimoksen Sirius.

Whilst all the mad, frantic showing was going on Mark Brown and Griffin were “working” for a living and earning the last leg for rally novice title.

Many, many congratulations to all.

Thanks for all the photographs-did anybody take anything at Terri-Eri 2014?




Mark & Griffin


World Show Finland

The entry figures for the World Show in Finland are sensational with over 21,000 dogs making 23,000 entries. It’s being billed as the biggest Show of the year but Crufts had an entry of over 24,000 this year with the flyball, agility and such not being counted so maybe its the biggest like Westminster always is. Got to hand it them though for the brilliant idea of allowing Finnish Native Breeds free entry from anywhere in the world. It’s meant an entry of 500+ for Finnish Lapphunds. It’ll be an unbelievable sight!

As well as the major show there are Breed Specialities being held in conjunction and Jean Rogers is judging the Glen of Imaal Terrier event with an entry of 49. Also there is to be an International Conference on the Glen of Imaal and everybody is invited. The programme is below and hopefully somebody will be taking extensive notes or individual presentation will be made available.

Conference on Glen of Imaal Terrier,
8.8.2014 at 15.30-20.00
Hotel Gustavelund, Tuusula
Entries to and payment 15€ to bank Eräjärven Säästöpankki account FI69 4500 0010 0461 07, HELSFIHH

15.30-16 Welcome words and coffee, Susanna Suban / Tiina Assinen
16-16.30 Health Survey Finland, Tiina Assinen/Janne Leino
16.30-17 Breed-specific breeding strategies of Glen of Imaal terriers in Finland, Tiina Assinen/ Johanna Inkeri
17-17.30 Mental Description, Aila Virtanen
17.30-18 Health Survey USA and PCDU, Mary McDaniel
18-18.30 DNA archive, Alison Seall
18.30-19 Double mating with glens, Gitte Thornsen
19-19.30 Glen Footprint database, Huub van Benthum
19.30-20 discussion