An AGM reminder

The Annual General Meeting of the Glen of Imaal Terrier Enthusiasts and Fanciers Club is to be held on March 23rd at Mappleborough Village Hall, Studley, B80 7BT.

Items for the agenda and nominations for officers and committee need to be sent to Jean Rogers (Acting Secretary) four weeks before the AGM.

All items for inclusion on the agenda must be in writing and proposed and seconded by fully paid up members of the club.

All nominations for officers and committee must be in writing signed by the nominee and proposed & seconded by fully paid up members of the club.

Jean Rogers (Acting Secretary), Hedge Green Cottage, Blackjack Lane,Swineshead, Boston. Lincs.PE20 3HH.

South Wales Kennel Association critique


My first time of giving tickets, a daunting prospect when one competes with others on a regular basis.  The thoughts that one has to make comments on the dogs you see many times over the years. However, thanks has to go to South Wales Kennel Association for giving me the opportunity and to the exhibitors for the entries.

Firstly a pleasing line up; hands on reveals things you cannot see from the ringside. The dogs on the whole were okay. Mouths much improved.  Where is the condition going? We know road walking is not always easy but whilst some have great strength on the back end the fronts need more attention – some power needs to come through. We need to watch our breeding, look at what is out there and think, too long, too low, taller?, The dogs  varying but on the whole proved again each one had its good points. The bitches had a good line up, many will be of breed able age soon. Look around before you decide. We need better heads, Tails, again watch what is being produced, this will run for a while as we have not got that overall view yet finalised on what tails should be. They differ quite a lot and it seemed best to overlook those present, though on balance most were alright. We just need to monitor in our minds what we want.  I have lived with tails for longer than most and accept them but there is still a preference, but that is another subject.

Coats varied a great deal, stripping for some brought the subject of, this show, Xmas show, they were all tidy and whether been stripped and new coat showing through or coat in excellent condition they were clean and a pleasure to go over, thank you.


Puppy Dog/Junior Dog No entries

PGD (1)  1st: Pajantick Star Trooper, everything to like about this 17month youngster. Head of width and good muzzle, excellent bite, dark eye of kind expression. Depth of rib, bend of stifle and sufficient muscle tone .Has a lot of promise when matures out, still young yet. Moved slightly close behind but much improved on the challenge with better drive. Having a lively presence, enjoying his day so earning him RCC.

LD (1)1st Romainville Billy Wizz, Overall conformation good with adequate angulation, well ribbed. Nice dark eye, mouth sufficient, good ear carriage. Moved well both ways with drive. Decent coat with texture. He has much to give.

OD (3) 1 abs. 1st Romainville Typhoon. Nearly 6yrs old and proving Glens do improve with age. Now coming into his best with good hard coat condition and texture. Overall body carrying strength and muscle, moving well both out and back. Head of strength, good back skull and keen eye. Nice turn of stifle, good second thigh, deserved DCC. He just now needs to get that enthusiasm to take him further, he could learn a lot from the following dog.

2nd Ch Johnny Be Good at Romainville. So much to like about this Glen and so much showmanship for the breed. Presented in excellent coat, balanced, top condition, excellent in profile, beautiful nature and quite a promoter for the glens. However, standing today against a dog of quality just lost out in head. He will still capture many hearts. His young handler brought the showmanship out in presentation and movement, so well done, keep it up.

VD(1) 1st Ch/Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad. Admired this dog for a long time. Again lots to like, well balanced, good coat. General muscle tone very good, depth of rib and well rear muscles. Just starting to show his years against his younger rivals. Another glen who has represented the breed so well & can still give a good account of himself. We need the older dogs in the ring, they give a lot to the breed and deserve their place in the honours. Still giving many younger Glens a run for their money.

PB (1)1st Romainville Rock on Ruby. 11months and stood alone. Did enough to take BP but for me longer in body and already looking rangy in height. However, coat in condition, presented well. Needs time now for head to come on. Good angulation, well bodied, moved well though slightly haywire at times.

JB(1)1st Ellerton Dusky Beauty. Ratio of body and length good. Good solid head with great expression and good teeth and jaw. Ears need to settle. Eyes dark giving a keen expression. Did not settle too well on the move but when she did, she moved with positive drive. Coat not at the best and obviously took points away. She could follow in her father’s footsteps has that promise.

PGB(2) 1st Romainville Moira. Excellent coat type, good mouth. Front perhaps fine of bone, needing more muscle. Slightly straight in back end. Good depth of chest, sufficient head and good eye. Again a bitch that is improving with age and maturity.

LB(2) 1st Bregorrey Madam Defiance. Real harsh coat in top condition, good topline. Movement excellent with drive and purpose and has that air of presence. Head, muzzle, eyes, good and very feminine expression. Hands on giving that feel of good hard solid muscle tone throughout. Smaller bitch with excellent type and lots to offer. A bright future. Happy to award BCC and BOB.

2nd Romainville Ellie. Beaten on coat by one though still a good coat of quality coming through. Moving okay with plenty of drive. Head good, nice dark eye, good dentition, and excellent muscle. Went on to win challenge for RCC, a very close decision here in a very good line up of bitches.

OB (4) 2 abs. 1st Bregorrey Lady Belleisle.  Lovely head and expression, great coat. Front movement better and flowed round the ring. Very flashy bitch which carries a lot of Glens through but lacks that overall hard tone and muscle at the present time. Needs to mature and gain the substance of her sister. They will change places often.

2nd Romainville Aoife at Pajantick.  Lost to No1 on movement. Coat excellent, adequate head with kind eye expression.. Conformation good with rise over loin and well balanced hindquarters. Again another quality bitch and so on another day.

Jean Rogers.




Entries closing….

South Wales Kennel Association, terrier day Sunday 13th October,Glen of Imaal Terrier judge Jean Rogers, closes online today and they have said they WILL NOT be extending entries. Midland Counties closes snail mail today. Jamie Sage is the Glen judge there and terrier day is Friday 25th.

Oh yes and as the 2014 Judges List got a comment regarding breed judges (Hurrah!!) the poster will surely be pleased to see two breed people down to judge in one post!

It’s 2013..from jean

Well Goodbye to 2012 and not too soon for some, to many have had a rough year with their share of problems in health, so the very best wishes for a better 2013.

What a good year for the country and the Best of the Best, Well done, time the country had something to celebrate.

Many controversial topics on the blog throughout the year, this giving people their chance to make their points known and sharing their suggestions and views.

Companion show in July taking top honours £700 raised for the Hearing Dogs Charity. New Glen people staying for the weekend will hopefully not be strangers for long. July 13th 2013 on the calendar please.

Dog shows took a hit, fuel, entries played their part and so many exhibitors had to think twice.

The EFG decided time to go forward and strike out, we are now awaiting 2013 for a result.

For those with Glen of Imaal Terriers (or even wondering about the breed) do keep in touch, the blog is there for you. It has again had a good year in 2012 winning an award for the way it is run, information and presentation.

We ask “Can we do more?” “What do you look at?” Health page are useful for keeping you informed.

Crufts has always been a good meeting place, even for those with no dog. It is always worth a visit and so once been it is “not going again” but” hey ho” the next year comes around. I promise to bring the bread pudding next year, so do not forget the cakes.

You know I have a good feeling for 2013 so keep watching. with no dog. It is always worth a visit and so once been it is “not going again” but” hey ho” the next year comes around. I promise to bring the bread pudding next year, so do not forget the cakes.

You know I have a good feeling for 2013 so keep watching. You might love us or hate us but we stand by our beds and we are here. Thank you for your support and membership already received for 2013, KEEP THEM COMING.


Happy New Year to you, to Glens and to everybody everywhere!


Two days until the Terriers

Crufts is a fine event but really we are waiting for Terrier Day. Sunday is always the short straw but next year it’ll be Thursday.

Glen of Imaal Terriers are first in ring 2 at 9.00am so, according to the scheduling, if you arrive after 10.30 you’ll miss it totally. The EFG intention (all are welcome) is to have the usual bring and share of food/drink/snacks etc. Jean says she appreciates the messages of “we’ll give you our memberships at Crufts” but has one small request; please put them in a sealed envelope with your name on the front. She knows she asks this every year but there are still a few people who drop coins in her pocket and she is concerned that by thetime she gets home she’ll have forgotten who you were!

3 Counties Critique

Glen of Imaal Terrier  

Thank you for giving me an entry on what was the coldest, overcast day imaginable.

Reluctantly we went inside for judging as by 2.30pm it got beyond a joke. The steward was frozen as was most of the exhibitors..

Found the entry of 3 puppies quite variable ranging from 6.5 months to nearly 8 months. So my critique reflects as I see it and hopefully the exhibitors will appreciate this.

Puppy Dog: (1) O’Hanlon & Montford’s  Pajantick  Jimmy Mack at 6.5months already up on standard and with a minimalistic coat only accentuated  his rangy appearance. Head adequate, mouth  okay. looks a balanced dog although long on the hock and slightly too straight in stifle. His coat leaving nothing to hide, unfortunately. Excellent rib carriage. Front was alright and a good reach of neck. BP in the challenge nicer expression and movement was far better than the bitch. Early days and with his proper coat growing in, could come on.

(2) George & Sullivan’s  Romainville Brannigan. Nearly 8 months and more mature. Much better coat condition than 1.Head slightly coarse at this stage but time to develop, better angulation although front not his best, moved okay. Presented well, I am sure his new owner will get the best from the new addition in the future,

Post Graduate Dog: 1 (1) Barnes Brockland Blackadder at Malsville. Excellent head, presented well with good coat and in good harsh condition. Well angulated , good front and shoulder placement, rear well angulated with good bend of stifle. What let him down, showmanship, He can do it, I’ve seen him do it, but on the day, what can I say. This so reflected in the challenge.

Open Dog: 2 (1) Welch’s  Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad. Always well presented, excellent head and nice eye, good mouth, well balanced with adequate front and lay of shoulder. Coat good, could be slightly harsher. Moved out well both ways, perhaps could drive out a bit more. BD & BOB.

(2) Garner’s Johnny be Good at Romainville. Again another well presented glen, slightly smaller than 1 but certainly gives nothing away. Good head, would like to see darker eye, Front okay and good balance throughout. Moves with plenty of drive. Coat not at his best now but an attempt to present him in good condition for the show was appreciated. RD not a lot between them.

Puppy Bitch 2 (1) McBrine & Whitehouse, Romainville Tigan. Nothing like her brother. with a  brand new exhibitor on the other end of the lead, learning curve.  So with a bit of instruction we set off. Head reasonable and overall  was in proportion, coat in reasonable harsh condition. Better front than her puppy brother. Angulation okay, balanced shoulder and legs in proportion. Moved okay, lost out for BP on the challenge. RBB at 7 months certainly a long way to go but with a limited attendance, felt this bitch had at least proved enough . Being honest with the owner, did say do not get too excited at this stage.

Post Graduate Bitch: 1 (1) George & Sullivan’s Briar Rose at Romainville, Extremely nice bitch, everything where it should be. Good head ,well balanced with width of skull and mouth was alright. Kind eye. Front good, angulation and bend of stifle. Well presented coat condition and coat colour, but, there it ended. We all take hairy glens in the ring one time or another but an excess amount of coat only goes to take away, what a glen should really look like. Moves well both ways and on the day gave a good account of herself. Taking BB only losing out on the challenge, through her nice, but over presentation. Been there done that and got the Tee shirt.

Open Bitch : 2 (1)Mrs & Miss O’Hanlon’s Scarlett Ribbon Now 10.5 yrs and showing her age. Good head proportions and dark eye, Coat good condition, like a lot of older dogs has settled into maturity and things slip a bit. However she gave a good account of herself moving okay and proving that she deserved her 1st place.

Mrs C J Rogers

Schedule roundup

January still but Championship Show schedules for the late Spring/early Summer are arriving thick and fast. Judges for Glen of Imaal Terriers are:-

SCOTTISH KENNEL CLUB-Alan Small. A Terrier man who has judged Glens for quite a few years. His second set of Challenge Certificates, his first at WKC 2007 with the top awards going to Daisy and Homer.

BATH-Karen Forbes (No CCs). A Glen of Imaal owner since 1996. Living in the north of Scotland but has the only Show Certificate of Merit for a Glen and a Champion.

THREE COUNTIES-Jean Rogers (No CCs). A Glen of Imaal owner since 1988. Dominated the “of the Year” competitions for 15 years, three Champions bred in one litter.

BLACKPOOL-Peter Chappell (No CCs). A Terrier man with a long connection to Glen of Imaals so possibly a waste of a judge with only four classes scheduled.

Ta muchly!

Jean says “ta muchly” for the flowers, chocolates, presents, cards and messages she had for a recent, not to be mentioned, event. The slight delay passing on her appreciation is due to being determined to master the next string in her technology bow; the digital camera and its using, editing and sorting for the computer and now she has……