Welsh Kennel Club critique

Welsh Kennel Club 19th August

Glen of Imaal Terrier

VD (1) 1 BV Hadley’s Ch Donvaleset Rebus good head with strong skull, good bite, quality bone correct topline, harsh coat, in good condition for age

PGD (2) 1 Roger’s Kingcottage Boogie on Basil , good broad skull, dark eye , good strong neck,  good depth of body powerful quarters, moved with drive 2Dunning’s Romainville Freddie’s Choice, decent head , good bite, nicely ribbed body of good length , muscular quarters

LD (3) 1 RCC Hannington’s Boudvelia Oscar good headed wheaten dog , nice dark eye, well placed ears correct topline , good hindquarters that he used on the move 2 Rogers Gleann Dynamo Man at Jeonty good width of skull , quality bone , good front, muscular neck, good topline, 3 Dunning’s Romainville Freddie’s Choice

OD 3) I CC BOB  Alstead’s Golden Spurs super brindle dog , good wide skull, nice dark eye well set ears giving a pleasing expression , strong neck, good depth of chest, correct front with good bone , nicely ribbed body strong quarters that he used on the move 2 Hogburn’s Pajantick Razamataz typy decent headed dog deep chest , correct topline, good coat, strong quarters 3 Dunning’s Romainville Freddie’s Choice

VB (1) Donvaleset Domino strong skull with good width . good bite , good quality bone ,good depth of chest, correct firm  topline , good harsh coat , in good conpdition for age moved o.k.

PB (1) 1 BP Roger’s Jeonty a New Hope promising baby . nice head and expression , good forequarters , nice length of body , good hind quarters , moved well both ways 2George’s Romainville Rock on Lizzie another nice pup, nicely balanced , good head, nice strong neck, well made body of good length, just preferred movement of winner 3 Campen and Moakes Romainville Rock ‘n Rolls

JB(2) 1 Hannigton’s BoudivIllia Tegan Lovely femine expression , good body with correct topline , nicely angulated hindquarters 2 Alsteads Sigrid Helga at Pancottage blue bitch , good head and eye. good bone, nice neck and shoulders good body,

PGB (1) George @Sullivan’s Romainville Razamatazz pleasing in head and expression , nice outline, good neck and forequarters, good length of body, correct topline, showed well

LB (3) 1CC George’s Romainville Whistle Dixie good with of skull , good bite , strong muscular neck .good double coat, powerful quarters , moved with drive 2 Romainville Uptown Girl another of good quality, femine head, good bone, nice shoulders , good body, strong quarters 3 0’Brien’s Amhard Jessie Jay

OB (1)1 RCC George’s Romainville Maggie May. Balanced bitch , good head , nice eye , strong neck , nice harsh double coat, good substance, good quarters

Judge Jim McGhie


Glen of Imaal Terrier judges for the latter half of 2017

Leeds  (21st July)  Bob Cross

WKC   (19th August) Jim McGhie

Darlington (15th September) Tom Mather

Belfast (23rd September) Bill Browne-Cole

SWKA  (6th October)  Muriel Bailey

Midland Counties (October) Tony Hadley

Glen Association Show (Late November) Ann Quinn

LKA (December) Alison Seall