As it’s 6 months plus into the year….

….the half way Leaders in the various breed competitions have been reported on so lets look at the people who caused them to be there and the reasons for doing it; yep, how are the critiques for the year doing?

It’s actually been quite a good year up to yet with only 3 Glen of Imaal Terrier critiques missing. These are Nick Hammond from Crufts, Johan Juslin from Southern Counties and Per Iverson from Blackpool and all of them are FCI not Kennel Club. When FCI people judge here they agree to do it “our way” so has anybody seen the critiques? If any of the gentlemen judged FCI style and wrote personal critiques given over immediately to the exhibitor do accept the mistake in including you but until anything different is heard it is basically a name and shame exercise. When exhibitors pay a lot of money to enter, particularly Crufts, it’s downright rude not to put finger to keyboard at all.