Sometimes it’s a bit difficult….

Back in the summer Glen of Imaal Terrier people were told about a judge withdrawing from an appointment at a Championship Show. We were being polite which was something the judge certainly hadn’t been because he had actually left the Society in a total lurch by just not responding to any communication even though a contract had been initially agreed to. If he felt like that about exhibitors, show committees and basic good manners so be it; his rudeness would be (like him)┬áignored by us.

Now there is the difficult bit. That judge who just treated us all with contempt is to give Challenge Certificates in Glens at a show towards the end of this month. He only has an entry of 7 so obviously isn’t really rated too much but once tickets are awarded he may be asked to do so again. Yesterday the question came as to what could be done about it? Not a lot as it has already happened but maybe if people are aware what actually happened in the summer they will remember if his name ever comes up again!