Judging Seminar-how was it?

The first EFG Breed Specific Judges Seminar was held in fabulous Autumn weather & provisional feedback says everybody had a fabulous time; despite serious head scratching in some cases. The slightly different format, which all candidates were aware of, caused interest, exclamation, interest and, in the words of one candidate ” probably the most difficult seminar I’ve ever attended!” The applause in any event like this has to always go to the dogs and suddenly a line from the Breed Standard and an explanation from the presentation was¬†understood as the various Glen of Imaal Terriers present (aged from 2 years to 10) wagged their tails, yawned, sighed and, in one case, laid down for a sleep as they were repeatedly¬† gone over. The second round of “yeah, well done” has to be for the food. The EFG is always known for giving “a good do” and Sue, with the ladies, kept the standard as high as ever.

The assessors were totally on the ball: the Certificates and feedback letters will be posted out today!


Photo: David Seall


Photo: David Seall

Birmingham Half Marathon

The Birmingham Half Marathon road closures will only affect your journey to the EFG Glen of Imaal Terrier Judges Seminar if you are travelling through the centre of Birmingham, otherwise things should be fine.

As published the main presentation will begin promptly at 10.30am as there is a lot to get through in the day!

Breed Specific Seminar

The EFG Breed Specific (Glen of Imaal Terrier) Judges Seminar on October 19th is almost at the limit for assessment candidates. If you are wishing to attend and just haven’t got around to it please for ward your name to Harold, harold@rbt-int.com ,or Jean, jean@e-f-g.co.uk ,as soon as possible. There is still space if wishing to come for the extended breed standard presentation and open workshop. Full details can be found on the website

Judges Seminar

The forthcoming EFG seminar for anybody who wants to/or does judge Glen of Imaal Terriers will have a new extended Powerpoint and DVD presentation. Obviously this needs photographs and we have hundreds but can they be used? If you have sent anything for the blog over the last few years and would rather they aren’t used please let us know.