We’ve said it before……

….and we’re more than happy to say it again!

Stood there at a show we were (just practicing to be Yoda) and suddenly the comment came out; why are Glens shown on a table? Don’t ask me, you know I think it’s ridiculous. Well we should stop it; put it on the blog or something. Conversations like that are manna to every blog writer so here we go:-

Why are Glen of Imaal Terriers shown on the table? They never, ever used to be and a judge this year has already asked the question of “when did Glens become tableised?” Admittedly the spelling of that might not be correct but it is such a great word it has to be repeated.

You wouldn’t show a Staffie on a table so why are we oiked up there? When this came up once before the judges were the reason given. Can we say rubbish? We just did. If a judge is so unfit they can’t bend down they shouldn’t be judging because they’ll either a) upset their back more or b) overbalance when they turn around to watch the Glen move.

Let’s get Glens back on the floor where they should be!!