Thank you Judy-you will be missed

The morning of Monday 13th October 2014 was very misty & raining heavily as more than a hundred terrier people travelled to St. James the Great Church, Idlicote, Warwickshire to attend the funeral of Judith Averis. It was my privilege to attend this service both as a friend and as a representative of the  EFG. Most terrier breeds were represented at Judy’s funeral-the doyenne of terriers..

Andrew Brace gave a very moving eulogy reminding us all of her many successes, achievments & particularly her infectios smile. As the cortege left the church the congregation spontaneously joined in singing Hey Jude.

Thank you Judy-you will be missed.JudyAverissmall

Crest Garner

Shows are closing!

Today is the last chance to enter National Terrier. Judy Averis is the judge of Glen of Imaal Terriers and the show is on April 6th. WELKS snail mail closes tomorrow with Glen of Imaal Terriers being judged on April 28th by Stephen Holmes and Birmingham National, judge Roger Thomas and with Glens on 9th May, also has postal entries closing tomorrow

Remember where you put it!

Even though it’s only early November many people will have had the National Terrier (April 2013) arrive through the door. Judge for Glen of Imaal Terriers is Judy Averis and there is a full classification for the breed. As there is Christmas and (possibly) a lot of friends and relatives arriving do remember where you put it ready for when February’s closing  date arrives!