Irish Sporting Glen Club critique

Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier Sporting Club of Ireland

Thank you to the committee for asking me to judge, this was my first trip to Ireland and I was made most welcome. The show itself was a real family affair, the shore work and lure racing was great fun for both dogs and humans, the weight pulling interesting to watch too. It was good to see that the dogs could work as well as show. I saw some good dogs, but I think that however good a specimen your dog is, attention should also be paid to mouths it just completes the whole picture.If you are entering into the realms of showing, the mouth is an important feature.

Baby Puppy

1st Derrynamuck Aonamach  6 months blue/brindle bitch Good head and expression, good bite, broad skull with correct shoulder placement. Good topline and hindquarters and good bone. Sound, moves well but could do with a bit more front leg, but still only a baby so could grow on.

2nd Stiubhard Rock n Rolla blue/brindle male 4 months entire, with good expressive head, good ears, shoulder could be better placed, sound, moves well with good topline and hindquarters. Ably handled by a very young man!

3rd Stiubhard Rhapsody 4 month wheaten bitch sister to 2nd. Good head and expression, correct bite, good neck and shoulder placement. Good topline and hindquarters, sound and moves well.Lost out to 2nd dog as his topline was better.

Puppy Dog

1st Stiubhard Hit the Road Jack,  9 months blue male of upper size. Good head and expression with good ear set, strong muzzle. Good neck and shoulder, with good topline to good hindquarters. Sound with a good free stride, my best dog and also judged as dog of the day for his shorework, lure racing and weight pulling, bob also

2nd Stiubhard Ezy Rider Blue brindle male brother to 1. A smaller dog than 1, with good head and earset, could have a better stop. Shoulder could be better placed, good topline and hindquarters. Sound away, close to not quite the movement of 1 Res Best Dog


1st Ballyclare Finn 3 years blue/brindle mouth could be better good head and expression with good earset. Neck good a bit short in shoulder, topline and hindquarters good, sound and moves well.

2nd Ballyclare  Fuzzy 2years blue/ brindle with good head, ears a bit heavy. Mouth could be better. Shoulder could be better placed, topline and hindquarters good. Sound with adequate movement

3rd Bailielands Dodger Blue/brindle male of smaller type than first two. Good head and expression, shoulder could be better, he was not relaxed and this affected his topline. Good hindquarters but on the day did not want to move.


1st Carriglen Torcan 7 years wheaten male good head and earset, good expression , light eyes which detracted. Good front and hindquarters, strong body good topline. Did not have the movement of the best and res best dog.

Puppy Bitch

Stiubhard Gypsy Eyes 9 month wheaten bitch sister to the two dog pups. Good head and bite, good ears with good neck, shoulder and topline. Could have a bit better hind angles, sound, needs more drive

Junior Bitch

1st Stiubhard Bellatrix L’Estrange Wheaten bitch with Good head, expression and earset. Good shoulder and topline, would like a bit more hind angles. Sound away toes in a bit coming to. She did not have much coat so ‘what you saw was what you got’ Very stylish shape, like a bit more body to finish the picture, which will come with age.   Her movement is very good which won her best bitch.

2nd Tara Blue/brindle with good head and expression, good ear set. Good neck leading to good topline, front is good needs more hindquarter. A bit long on the leg, Sound but erratic in movement.

3rd Savannah wheaten head is ok but jaw needs to be stronger, the mouth is not correct. Shoulder forward placed, short in the body, hind angles adequate. Sound moved adequately

Open Bitch

1/ Poachersmoon Sissy McGinty 4 years wheaten bitch with good head and expression, good earset. Mouth is correct but could have a stronger jaw. Good coat and body. Hindquarters good, sound moves well but not the drive on the move as my best bitch she was Res best bitch

2/Poachersmoon Flidais Smaller wheaten bitch 4yrs sister to 1, good head and expression with good ears. Good neck, forward placed shoulder, body a bit short. Good hindquarters , sound but moved eraticaly

3/Bailielands Millie 9 1/2years blue, mouth not correct. Good strong head with good expression and good earset. Good front, topline and hindquarters, didn’t move so well but sound.

Veteran Bitch

1st Bailielands Leanbh Orga 6yrs wheaten bitch of smaller type. Good head and expression, neck ok but the shoulder is a bit forward placed with short upper arm. Topline and hindquarters good. Sound but bunny hopped all the way round so a bit difficult to assess on the move.

2nd Ballyfoyle Ellie 9 ½ year blue good head but expression detracts as the eyes are light. Mouth not correct. Front and rear angles good, sound moves ok

Best Dog &BOB Stiubhard Hit the Road Jack Res Best Dog Stiubhard Ezy Rider

Best Bitch Stiubhard Bellatrix L’Strange Res Best Bitch Poachersmoon Sissy McGinty

Best Puppy Derrynamuck Aonamach

Kathy George (Judge)










A happy looking Sporting Glen Club event!

From the Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier Sporting Terrier Club of Ireland:

Thank you to everyone participating in our annual show.Thank you Kathy George again for judging our Irish dogs!
The winners were:
Dog of the Day: Stiubhard Hit the Road Jack @ Ardgraigue (Winner of WeightPulling, fastest Shorework and fastest Lure)

Best of Show: Stiubhard Hit the Road Jack @ Ardgraigue. Reserve Best of Show: Stiubhard Bellatrix L’Estrange

Best Male: Stiubhard Hit the Road Jack @ Ardgraigue. Reserve Best Male: Stiubhard Ezy Rider

Best Female: Stiubhard Bellatrix L’Estrange. Reserve Best Female: Poachersmoon Sissy McGinty

Best Puppy: Derrynamack Aonarach

A great day with lots of dogs and people!  Another big thank you to our sponsors and helpers!

Irish Sporting Glen Club Show


The Sporting Glen Club sends the following:-

The Sporting Glen Annual Show and Activities Day is the 11th September at High Cross Inn, Moone, County Kildare gates open at 10.30am.

 On the day there will be many activities for your Glen of Imaal Terrier. There is The Sporting Glen Annual Dog Show judged by Kathy George of Romainville Glens (a well respected judge and successful exhibitor of the Glen over the years and for the last 2 years has had the Best of Breed at Crufts) – weight pulling competition – Lure chasing (racing), provided on the day will be guidance on general health care and grooming of the Glen along with further information on PRA and testing.

For the children there is face painting and a colouring competition.

Food and drink will be available on the day from the New Cross Inn Pub

We look Forward to seeing as many of you that can make to our Sporting Glen Annual Show and Activities Day.



South Wales Kennel Association critique


Thank you for the committee’s invitation to judge this show and to the exhibitors for their entry. The entry was small but of good quality. Mouths in general were good unless stated otherwise.

Puppy dog

1/ Alsteads Golden Spurs. 9 months brindle male. Good head and expression , with good ear set and a strong muzzle. Shoulder is a bit forward placed, topline is good hindquarters could be better angled. He is sound and moves well but could do with just a bit more drive.

Junior dog.

1/ Golden Spurs.

Post Grad dog

1/Hardy’s Amhard High Flyer 2 years Red wheaten male. Good head and expression with strong jaw and good ear set. His shoulder is forward with short upper arm. Topline is good and he has good hindquarters. He pinned a bit away and sound to his movement from the side is good, but he needs to mature and body up more as he is in Glen terms only a youngster.

Limit dog

1/ Withers Pajanticks Star Trooper 2 ½ red wheaten male Well turned out as usual from this kennel. Excellent strong head with good expression and good ear set, strong jaws .He won the class because his head was better than the second dog. The neck is correct with well placed shoulder into a good topline and well angled hindquarters. Sound with excellent movement from the side Res CC, he pushed hard for the CC and only lost out to a more mature male. I feel sure this young male will receive top honours.

2/ Howarths Donvaleset Liffy at Arkview 3 year Blue male. Good expression but would like a slightly stronger head for his age also his jaw could be stronger. Shoulder slightly forward placed top line is good and also hindquarters. He is somewhat stilted in movement and was hopping on his one back leg which made movement difficult to assess.

Open Dog.

1/ Hadleys Donvaleset Rebus 8 years blue male. Good head and expression, correct ear set. Good lay of shoulder and topline into good hindquarters with powerful thrust from behind. He is sound and moves very well with drive and power. His maturity gained him the CC & BOB

Puppy Bitch

1/ Hardy’s Bonny Nell sister to puppy dog winner. 10 months blue/brindle bitch. My only bitch entry which was disappointing in so much as I would have liked something older  to award the CC. She has a good head and expression but should have a better stop. Good neck into correct shoulder. Topline is good into good hindquarters, she is sound and movement is fine but she needs to settle down more on the move. I am not a believer in awarding CC’s to such a young  female, but other than her age she was correct so saw no point in with holding the CC. CC winner and Best Opposite sex.

Kathy George (Judge)

Crufts 2012 Critique

GLEN OF IMAAL TERRIERS: I would like to thank the Crufts committee for the honour of judging such a prestigious show. Also the exhibitors, some of whom had travelled from Germany, Finland and Ireland. I do feel that the breed has started to lose some of the characteristics valued by breeders who have had the breed for many years. Some dogs have lost the powerful jaw and foreface necessary for them to do the job they were bred for. Also the powerful drive from behind is not so effective if the shoulder and upper arm placement is incorrect as the dog is pushed from behind and cannot reach out in front giving a jarring movement. We are getting some very upright shoulders and short upper arm placements which make the front legs look too short giving an unbalanced look. Whilst the standard calls for ‘a short legged’ dog, extremes in anything are undesirable and my placings reflected this. Mouths are greatly improved and I only found two suspect mouths.I feel that breeders and judges are the custodians of the breed and it is up to us to deal with problems as they appear not to follow a fashion whatever it may be. BOBCh & Int C Brockland Brayhead Lad. Res Dog CC Whites Ch/Ir/Am/Sw/ Ch Abberann Conan. Best Bitch CC Ch Donvaleset Brier. Res Bitch CC Int Ch Spirit of Ireland Ashanti. Best Puppy Amhard Ginger Snap

Veteran 1/ Welch’s Ch & Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad 7 year blue male. A dog I have judged before but now fully mature, presented in excellent condition and a credit to his owner. Good head and expression, correct ear set and a strong powerful jaw. He has a correct neck into good shoulders and upper arm. Correct topline and good hindquarter and correct length of leg which makes for a good natural movement and he is sound. He stood well and moved with purpose having a good ring presence. A worthy CC winner and BOB 2/Subans Fin/SE/Dk/Ee/Pl Ch Mimoksen Pohjan Kruunu 9 ½ years male, blue with good head and expression. His mouth was not as good as 1st dog and he was a smaller dog overall. He had good angles all round and moved well, being sound. His coat was not as well grown as 1st dog.

Post Grad 1/Frasers Kirikee C eltic Warrior Blue male of good substance for a young dog of not yet 2 years. Strong head and jaw with correct ear set and correct neck. Good shoulder and upper arm placement with correct topline. Sound with good movement. 2/ Kaskela Abberann Bearnard Nearly two years blue male, of smaller type than one and shorter in body. Good head and expression, neck correct and good angles front and rear. Sound with excellent movement. 3/ Quinn’s Kirikee Ronan O’Gara blue male and brother to 1st dog. I would have considered him for 1st place but he seemed upset by the camera flashes and did not really settle at all especially on the move, but could not be denied his place because of his good construction. Good head and expression slightly longer in body than 1. Correct neck and correct shoulder and upper arm, with good topline and hindquarters. Sound in movement but needs more confidence.

Limit 1/Hadley’s Donvaleset Rebus blue male of 5 years of age. With a little more attention to preparation he should attain top honours as his movement is excellent. He has a good head and expression and correct ear set. Correct neck into good shoulders with good topline and hindquarters. Sound with very good movement. He moves with very positive drive from the hindquarter sadly lacking in some Glens now. 2/ Rogers Jeonty Wannabee Baur 3 years wheaten male. Head is good but not as good as 1st dogs’. The front assembly could be better, his topline is otherwise ok, but with a nick behind the wither which would not be as obvious if he were in full coat. He has good hindquarter but not as positive in movement as 1st. 3/ Whites Abberann Karl 20 months blue male smaller made than the first two dogs. Good head and expression, shoulder a bit forward, topline good, hindquarters good and moved with positive drive behind. Sound.

Open 1/ Whites Ch/Ir/Am/Sw Ch Abberann Conan 6 years blue male. Good broad head with good expression into correct neck and topline. His shoulder is good, but upper arm could be longer and good hindquarters. He does not have such a good front leg as my CC winner which just tipped the balance but otherwise an excellent dog. He is sound with good movement. Well deserved Res CC 2/ Scheinhardt and Engels Int Ch Spirit of Ireland Angel 4 ½ yrs blue male with good head and expression. Correct neck, topline and hindquarters. Correct shoulder sound with good movement but not as good movement as my 1st dog. 3/ Subans Int/Fl/Se/Ee/No Ch Jeonty Flown Finnair 4 years Red wheaten male with good head and shoulder, correct topline and hindquarter Sound with good movement. There was a fourth Int ch in this class and this really was a good class full of quality dogs.

Puppy Bitch 1/Hardy’s Amhard Ginger Snap 9 months red wheaten female. Good head could have a slightly better stop. Good ear carriage, correct shoulder and topline with good hindquarters. Sound moves well when she decides too!! She just needs more experience and was a bit overwhelmed by the proceedings. Best Puppy

Junior 1/ Suttons Bailielands Leanbh Orga 18 months wheaten with good head and expression. Would like to see a stronger depth of jaw, correct ear set. Good shoulder and topline good hindquarters. She is sound and moves well.

Limit 1/Sealeys Grizzlemarsh Cassie 4 ½ years red wheaten bitch with good head and expression. Correct neck and shoulder into good topline, with good hindquarters. Sound with good movement. 2/Baldocks Jeonty Maybe Daisy 3 ½ wheaten bitch. Good head and expression, but not as strong in head as 1st bitch and she is shorter in neck. The shoulder is slightly forward placed. Good body and hindquarters, sound and moves well.

Open 1/ Harleys Ch Donvaleset Brier 4 years red wheaten with good head and expression. Would like a slightly shorter muzzle. Correct neck and good shoulders and hindquarter. She has a good topline and is sound with good movement. Well presented, but in the challenge just lost a bit of her sparkle. CC bitch 2/Coles Int Spirit of Ireland Ashanti. 4 years red wheaten Good head and expression but ear carriage could be better. Good front angles into good topline and hindquarters. Sound with very good movement, well deserved Res CC 3/Whites Ch/Ir Ch Abberann Enya Red wheaten with good head and expression. Correct neck, shoulder good but upper arm a little short which makes the front legs appear shorter. Topline is correct with good hindquarter. Sound and moves out well but the front reach is a little restricted. There were half a dozen good champions in this class which was full of quality

Kathy George (Judge)

Crufts 2012 schedule

Crufts, in their wisdom, have decided that the 2012 schedule will not be posted out as it has always been in previous years. If you want a hard copy you must either pick one up from a Championship Show or send an A5 stamped addressed envelope to the value of 79p for first class or 65p for second class post to:

Crufts Office
The Kennel Club
1 Clarges Street
London W1J 8AB.

The schedule can be downloaded and entries made online but do be aware that if you have a slow internet connection the interactive, page turning schedule does take a long time to fully download. Glen of Imaal Terriers are to be judged by Kathy George on Sunday March 11th.

Admission tickets for the general public are also available to book online but do be aware that there is a £2 per booking transaction fee PLUS a £1.25 per ticket booking fee. Crufts hasn’t got a main sponsor this year but that does appear a bit like milking it!

Birmingham National Critique

Glen of Imaal Terriers-Thank you to the committee for the judging appointment and to the exhibitors for their entries. Although the entry was not large the quality was very good overall, breeders in a numerically small breed are really at a disadvantage when judging, as quite a few exhibits were unable to enter.

Looking at the breed as a whole, numbers of dogs exhibited have decreased dramatically in the last few years and although one does not want the breed to become commercially popular it is not good for the breeds’ continued existence to decline in this way. Whilst touching on exhibitors, I really do think that although we must remember that the breed is of working origin, when we are in the show ring much more importance should be made on presentation.  A judge is there to judge to the standard of the breed in question and it is not much to ask that exhibitors at least make sure that their dogs are at least groomed and bathed to be presented in their best light. Not only did I notice this but other judges have made note of it, all rounders will often not feel able to give a dog top honours as they do not want to send an unkempt looking dog into the ‘big ring’. The other most noticeable thing was that upper arms seem to be getting shorter and attention should be paid in future breedings as it restricts the front movement  and is more tiring for the dog in prolonged movement.

Junior dog 1) Hardys Amhard Freebooter,  14 month male Blue/brindle. Good head and expression with a good mouth, correct ear set. Topline good, good shoulder placement like to see longer upper arm. Hindquarters need more bend of stifle but makes most of what he has. He moves soundly and was in good coat.

Limit Dog 1) Hadleys Donvaleset Rebus, 3 ½ years blue male with good head and expression. He has a strong jaw and good mouth. He was good in both front and rear angles and a well made dog, sound and moved very well. His coat is correct and in good coat.

                              2) Hardys Amhard Dansak, 4 years Blue/brindle male, with good head and expression although his head could be broader, mouth correct. His front angles are good but needs better bend of stifle at the rear which would give more drive. He is sound but did not move as well as 1 and he was not in the best of coat today.

Open Dog  1)Harleys Beatrix Boy with Windarra from Donvaleset 4 years blue male with good head and expression, good neck and shoulders, but upper arm could be longer. Sound and his movement and drive was very good, his coat could be harsher. Was pleased to award him the CC his third I understand.

2) Welchs Ch/Belg Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad 5years blue male with good head and expression, his head is broad and strong. Good angles front and rear, sound and moves well but needs more drive behind. Both these dogs are excellent and on the day the first dog was in better coat and moves slightly better. I am sure they will change places often. Res CC

Post Grad bitch  1) Holmes Grizzlemarsh Cassie 2 ½ years wheaten bitch Good head and expression with broad head and correct ear set. Well built with good angles front and rear, sound moves well with drive, carrying a little too much weight. Res CC          

2)Hardys Amhard Extra Spice 2 ½ years wheaten female finer build than one just like to see a bit more of her, not helped as she was not in coat today. Notwithstanding a well made bitch, would like better angle of front but sound and moved very well with outgoing temperament.

3)Hadleys Donvaleset Domino Blue/brindle 2  ½ years blue/brindle well made with good expression, would like a stronger head. Good angles front and rear carrying too much weight which seemed to affect her movement, as she did not want to move today.

Limit Bitch    1)Harleys Donvaleset Brier 2 ½ years wheaten female with good head and expression, good mouth and correct ear set. Excellent front, with good depth of brisket, good angles behind. In excellent coat and well presented. Sound and moved very well which just tipped the scales in the challenge for BOB, CC winner.

               2) Sealls Brockland Belle Bregorrey 5 years blue/brindle female, smaller type than one and well presented. Good head and expression front angles not as good as 1, moves well, but is close away. She was not carrying such good a coat as the first bitch.

               3) Baldocks Jeonty Maybe Daisee 2 ½ years wheaten female smaller type with good head and expression and correct ear set. In good coat, not as good front angles but rear angles good, moved adequately well. Moves close away sound to.

Kathy George (Romainville)