New Kennel Club website

From the Kennel Club:


The Kennel Club, the UK’s largest organisation dedicated to the health and welfare of dogs, has launched its new website at, with a fresh new design and improved navigation.

The Kennel Club has launched its new website to create a more user-friendly experience that will seamlessly deliver information about a range of subjects including dog activities, health and welfare, breeding, buying, training and enjoying life with dogs. The site reflects the Kennel Club key objective to work for the ‘general improvement of dogs’.

The new design delivers a more streamlined navigation process that allows faster access to essential information and an improved layout that is easy to read and understand. The navigation has been designed so that puppy buyers and dog specialists can find the information that they need, written in a style and in the detail relevant to them.

The new website offers enhanced engagement with readers by integrating the Kennel Club’s Facebook and Twitter feeds into it, allowing greater sharing of information and opinions. There is also a brand new section dedicated to vets and researchers, providing easy access to relevant information.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary said: “With a wealth of information and expertise to share, we have revised our site so that it delivers an improved experience, streamlining the information so that people can find what they need more easily and opt for how much detail they wish to go into on any subject.

“The Kennel Club website has been tailored to meet the different needs of its various types of visitor – from dog owners and prospective puppy buyers to dog professionals such as breeders, dog trainers, vets and those involved in dog activities.

“We have been consulting with our customers during testing and have received extremely positive feedback. We want to hear more people’s views so that we can ensure that the site continues to evolve based on the feedback that we receive.”

Some of the additional benefits of the new website include:
•Find the latest news and upcoming events on the homepage, as well as links to our other services.
•A new page layout and design to make the website visually clearer.
•A Google search tool making all content easily accessible.
•Ability for users to share pages that interest them with others across Facebook and Twitter.
•Full integration of the popular online services section of the old website, which contains the Kennel Club Breed Information Centre amongst other things, making it quicker and easier to locate throughout the site.
•Integration with the recently launched MyKC service for breeders and puppy owners, so users can go between their own account, which holds information about their dog, and the Kennel Club website with ease.
•Handy shortcuts links in each section to allow users to access relevant online services quickly.
•A news section for users to find out what is going on in the world of dogs, as well as a separate Media Centre for members of the press.

You can visit the new Kennel Club website at