And the Kennel Gazette features…..

…..the Glen of Imaal Terrier!

Glens are the breed put forward for “Judges’ Choice” in this month’s KC Gazette and there are some interesting choices. The whole piece is led off with a very nice photograph of Connor Quinn on the front cover and he, along with Bran Clark, are the main photo boys until it gets to the actual individual choices.

5 judges (no all-rounders) with 3 choices each means 15 names and photographs. There are 13 different ones as two, congrats to them, get picked twice. One nomination is “a name so far back now that it has fallen off extended pedigrees” but every Glen chosen, except one, is a direct descendent and dogs have been mentioned from the USA, Sweden, Denmark and Ireland as well as the UK….if it ever could be said that a dog made their mark it has to be this one!