Into 2013……

A few weeks ago it was asked if the blog should change direction in any way and, if so, what should it be? There has been responses and there has been things sent so let’s make a beginning…..

Winter and early Spring is the dead season Championship Show wise for Glen of Imaal Terrier people so if anybody wants to get out and about it has to be Open Shows. Open Shows are not what they used to be and are desperate for exhibitors-that is well reported everywhere-so you would think that (hopefully) favourable judges would be engaged.

North Lincs has Terrence D. D. Balfour Burgess (Dobrugh) judging WFT, Border, Cairn, Manchester, Cesky, Glen of Imaal, AVNSC and Group. His breed is French Bulldogs and he is (according to websites) a specialist in Chinese Crested and gives tickets in, amongst other things, Shar Pei so maybe he is a closet terrier fan as well.

Lancs Sporting Terrier has Joan Sheldon (Oozzoo) judging Cesky, Glen of Imaal, Kerry Blue, Lakeland, Parson Russell, Staffordshire, Cairn. Her breed is Staffies so she hopefully has seen Glens occasionally.

West Midlands Terrier and Birmingham Gundog and Terrier are top of the list at the moment for actually appointing judges that have had known contact with Glen of Imaal Terriers!! Matt Garnham (for West Mids) has handled and groomed Glens as well as attending an Association Seminar and Nicki Montford (for Birmingham G&T) has owned and exhibited the breed since 1996!

So it’s looking like applause for the committee of two shows, a cautious acknowledgement for one and a, well it’s different, for the fourth.

Could we do it?

At the end of October nostalgia was the order of the day. The fault was Peter Bakewell’s as his West Midland’s critique from 1984 (42 Glen of Imaal Terriers entered) had reduced us all to a heap of fond remembrance so when the suggestion of “shall we……..” was made the reply had to be “why not!” Having good ideas is a great thing but in the cold light of day 6 weeks later would it just be a flop?

Getting stopped on the way into the hall to be complemented on the terrific Glen entry gives hope. A further three stops before the ring is even reached for “My God, you’ve got 10 in Open”, “Have you seen your entry!” and “10, when did Glens last pull 10 in Open?” says things are probably going to be all right……and they were. There was a full entry without one absentee and crates were stacked as they used to be; basement and penthouse. One of the nicest things was they way, as the food, drink, tablecloths and even a Christmas tree came out, other exhibitors came to say how much we had all been missed. It was asked if we would be at LKA (sorry, no classes), what shows we’d be at in 2012 (too early for decisions yet) and was that THE bread pudding? It has even been subsequently learnt that the Glen entry at West Midlands was actually in the conversation at  Lancashire Sporting Terrier the day after.

So the answer to the question of “could we do it?” has to be “yes we could!” Shall we do it again?

An email just in: How come no results with such an entry? As always, it is ask and it’ll be done (within reason of course!). Best of Breed was Jeonty Wannabe Bauer with RBOB to Int/Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad