Glen of Imaal Terriers-Crufts 2017 and live streaming!

The biggest number of Glen of Imaal Terriers (37) can be seen tomorrow-Thursday-in Hall 1, Ring 6. They are third in the ring but will be on their benches before that for people to say hello. Friday will see the Vulnerable Breeds Competition and Romainville Billy Whizz will be flying the flag for Glens.

Discover Dogs will have Glens there all four days. Booth T13 is where they can be found. Why not go and have a photo taken. Alternatively if you like to watch things from the comfort of your own home a video has turned up that was unknown to nearly all Glen people. You Tube has Crufts 1988 and just before12 minutes in Mike Stockman is talking to Angela Rippon about Malsville Moddy Blue of Farni-Blue is there in all her glory.(Great find Nicki)

There will be live streaming from the main arena so Billy will be able to be seen on Friday and the Glen representative in the Terrier Group on Thursday.

Romainville Billy Whizz

Romainville Billy Whizz

Can any US Glen fancier help?

The March AKC Gazette Celebration of Irish Breeds was sent along for Glen of Imaal Terrier enthusiasts to share. The reason being that, once again, the fabulous photograph of Malsville Moody Blue at Farni was being used. What a great way to finish off March….except the AKC website has totally changed and there doesn’t appear to be a Search facility in the new one. If any American reader can help out it would be appreciated as many Glen people worldwide have never seen it