Leeds Championship Show-Liz Stannard writes

Contrary to rumours Leeds Championship Show will be going ahead July 27-29. The ground is in an excellent state not having had anything on it for two months. The grass is being cut. It is not waterlogged in any way as it has excellent drainage.

The secretary has spoken and nobody would dare contradict Liz so next weekend will see 19 Glen of Imaal Terriers being assessed by Margaret McDonald-Cross. It is hardly a surprise people were wondering though as Mfest, due to be held on the same ground earlier this month, was cancelled due to the organisers¬†“feeling the main tents would become unsafe due to the waterlogged ground not being able to support the anchors and supports”.¬†¬†Plus The Great Yorkshire Show, only ten miles away from Harewood, was cancelled after day 1 due to the state of the ground.