Today’s blog will need to be read with paper and pencil to hand!

Mate Select is an online “breeding tool” developed by the Kennel Club. The idea is that coefficients of inbreeding (COI) can be determined for animals on their extensive database and lower COI means a better mating-for want of a more suitable phrase.

It is an excellent idea in principle but for some breeds it just doesn’t give a true figure and Glen of Imaal Terriers fall into this category due to the number of imports within the breed and the vagueness of some of the early pedigrees. We realise the KC have been asked about it and assurances given that there was no problem with Mate Select and there isn’t; as long as it is realised the Glen figures aren’t exactly 100% reliable.

As this is the EFG blog Princess Leia of Jeonty (an outstanding brood bitch that figures in many pedigrees) and bred by Jean Rogers is a good example. Leia has, according to the KC website, a COI of 10.3 which isn’t a bad figure until you check it further. Her sire is recorded at 0.0% due to the “insufficient data” sign on his sire and dam and Leia’s dam also gets the “insufficient data” tag. Where exactly has the 10.3 come from? Is it that “insufficient” gives some data and all the data (eventually) gives a figure but how many generations are needed? Leia’s dam has 5 generations of UK bred and registered Glens behind her and the bulk of those come up as “insufficient” except one that has a 13.1 COI even though his sire is “insufficient” and his dam is 3.1 (from insufficient of course). Yes, before you ask the offspring of the 13.1 ancestor are “insufficient”.

Also if looking for a stud dog have a squint at the right hand side of the KC page. On there will be how the calculation for that particular animal has been arrived at i.e. 7 generations with 3 being complete. If another dog viewed has 8 generations with 3 being complete the figures are going to be different as you aren’t comparing like with like.

As was said at the start of this; Mate Select is a good idea but remember it isn’t gospel!