Midland Counties critique


Thank you to the exhibitors & friends who gave their support on what was a very special day for me. Your encouragement & good wishes over the last year have been much appreciated. With regard to Fit for Function &Health Monitoring I had no concerns with any of the Glens present at the show. They all appeared sound & with only some minor differences were typical breed.

POST GRADUATE DOG: 1) Jeonty Yipee Kiaye. Nice outline, good head & eye, very fit & moved with purpose. Reserve Best Dog.

OPEN DOG: 1) Pajantick Razamataz. Fit & well muscled solid dog. Good bone & coat. Moved with purpose & had a typical Glen expression of confidence. Best of Breed. 2) Ch Golden Spurs. Sound to handle, fit & in good condition. 3) Romainville Fast ‘N’ Furious at Wickholm

VETERAN DOG: 1) Ch Johnny Be Good at Romainville. Now 12 years old & still showing well. Put down in good condition & well handled. Best Veteran.

JUNIOR BITCH: 1) Jeonty Letty Be Magic. Sound in structure with nice outline & good head. Still growing but moved well, has potential. Reserve Best Bitch.

OPEN BITCH: 1) Ch Wickholm Breaking Dawn. Sound in type with good bone. Coming up to 3 years and maturing well. Moved with good drive & well shown. Best Bitch. 2) Jeonty Jyn A New Hope. Good outline with nice expression. Giving away age to winner but a promising youngster. 3) Ch Sigrid Helga at Pantcottage

VETERAN BITCH: 1) Jeonty Lola May at Wickholm. A typical Glen, still with good shape & sound in movement. 2) jeonty Red Clover. Another typical Glen. Fit for her age & in good condition. Just lost out in movement.

Mike Brown OBE (Judge)

Normally a judge’s critique is on the blog and obviously, as that is the most important thing, nothing else on that day but today we’re making an exception. Mike, after a long period with touch and go moments, has had the sage nod from his surgeon and as he said to people at MC I’m here & I’m still standing! Alright he’s sitting for the photograph but lots of people wanted to say “welcome back”

Midland Counties and Birmingham G & T critiques


May I thank the officers and committee for their hospitality. The support of the exhibitors was much appreciated, especially on a Friday. If only we could award first places to everyone.

PGD (1) George’s Rockbuster From Romainville. 2yrs blue dog. Good head with dark eye & good ear carriage. A strong neck leading to a well sprung rib. Not too long in the loin & a good length double coat. Has the desired bow to front legs & moved soundly with drive. Will only improve with maturity. BD

OD (3) 1A 1st Sage’s Romainville Fast N’furious At Wickholm. 51/2 yrs Blue dog with a good head. Correct ears, eye shape & correct scissor bite. Level gentle rise to the topline & a good broad chest. I would like to see more muscle but moved soundly.

2nd Alsteads Ch Golden Spurs Almost 4yr old blue brindle dog. Much to like and on another day positions could be reversed. Needs more drive on the move.

PB (1) George’s Romainville Rock on Lizzie. At 8 months this wheaten pup has a lot to fill out but once the muscle & maturity arrives she should turn into a nice bitch. Good angulation front & rear. Well sprung ribs. Shoulders well laid back. Nice deep chest presented with good textured double coat. Sound movement fore & aft. BP + RBB

OB (4) 1st Harley’s Ch Donvaleset Brier. At almost 10 years of age this wheaten bitch still commands in the ring. Well muscled throughout on good bone structure. Good front & rear angulation. Nice strong scissor bite, dark eye, correct ear shape & carriage. Level topline rising gently to good tail onset. Good length & texture to wiry top coat with soft undercoat presented neatly. Good broad chest with well sprung ribs. Sound movement. BB & BOB.

2nd Georges Romainville Maggie May. 3yr old wheaten bitch. Although on the smaller size she is well proportioned. Muscle will add to the overall picture as I couldn’t find any major faults. I’ll be watching her future development

Tony Hadley (Judge)


Glen of Imaal Terriers

Puppy:  1st Rogers Jeonty Jyn A New Hope 9 month wheaten bitch, full of spirit, good head and mouth, nicely anguated front and rear, lovely front, held her topline on the move, a very promising youngster who should have an excellent future. BP RBOB.

PG: 1st Rogers Jeonty Minnie Meme nice size and shape, very feminine, lovely head, good mouth.

Open: 1st Garners CH Johnny Be Good at Romainville 11 years old but not showing it, good mouth, lovely head and ears, nice size and shape to him, good front and good angulation front and rear, good topline, excellent movement, lovely harsh coat. could not deny him BOB.  2nd Hogburns  Pajantick Razamataz

3rd Rogers Gleann Dynamo Man at Jeonty.

Wendy Tobijanski(Judge)


Midland Counties critique

midland counties canine society – glen of imaal terrier

pd – 1st rogame alfie – very young pup with plenty of developing still to do , but displayed a pleasing head , with correct bite .nice broad chest and good length of body – creating a fair overall balance for such a young dog , which helped to give decent movement

pgd -1st romainville billy wizz – again a young dog with time to mature , but already displays a real masculine , strong type . broad , powerful head with good bite . well boned and gave impression of real strength .strong neck .well sprung rib.powerful hindquarters . displayed lovely topline and was well handled and presented to very much deserve BD. 2nd donvalset rafferty at viahinnis – another strong type of dog , with good bone and well muscled all over . good weather proof coat , but lacked the overall balance of 1st

od – 1st johnny be good at romainville – smaller type of glen , but still had good substance and lovely overall balance . good bite . well sprung ribs . good length and topline which helped deliver sound movement . superb coat , well handled and presented . strong challenger RB.  2nd romainville typhoon – strong head and jaw , with good bite . good bone giving strong front and shoulders . powerful in hindquarters which gave good movement – lacked the overall balance of 1st

pb – 1st bregorrey lady belleisle – a more mature pup , that has certainly developed very soundly . retaining it’s femininity , but still showing a strong head , with good bite . well boned and muscled all over – helping to give a good outline and sound movement , well handled. a light coat , but well presented. 2nd rogame anjelica – a very young puppy , still finding her feet in the show ring . very feminine , with a good bite.  nice length in body  and good topline . good bone with strong hindquarters

pgb – 1st romainville inki – super strong head and jaw  , with good bite and nice ears . good bone and strong front . well sprung ribs and good length of body – with good topline . well presented with good coat . handled well to show very sound movement RB. 2nd romainville moira – nice head with great eye and expression . good bite . when settled showed good movement . again lacked the balance of 1st

ob – 1st romainville ellie – super feminine bitch but still presenting good substance . well proprtioned , strong head , with good bite . strong , well boned front . strong neck andwell angled shoulder . good length with strong loin and topline . presented a lovely outline and great overall balance . well handled to  deliver lovely movement – a well deserved winner of BB and BOB. 2nd romainville sffie at rogame- a strong  bitch , with good bone and muscle throughout . decent harsh coat . but lacked overall  balance of 1st

jason atkin-judge