Summary of EFG Committee Meeting LKA 2015

A committee meeting of the Glen of Imaal Terrier Enthusiasts & fanciers Club (EFG) was held at LKA on the 13th December.  A number of things were discussed.

The Calendar project was agreed to be a success with all 175 copies being sold. The Committee asked for a formal letter of thanks to go to DDP the printers for their excellent work and prompt turn around.

Some of the dog show diaries with our commemorative logo are still available and will be promoted as Christmas gifts .

An offer of sponsorship for the celebratory cake at Crufts, to celebrate 20 years of the EFG, was gratefully received.

Quotes will be obtained for the printing of a new green book (introduction to the Glen) and new badges.

A Grooming Day is still being planned and ideas were discussed for a new EFG website in 2016

A number of EFG members and others provided the Glens for the KC’s JDP on the breed. The presentation was well received by the participants and the KC JDP panel. A formal vote of thanks to all those involved was recorded

Judges were confirmed for the open shows as Roger Cruden 2016,Karen Forbes 2017, and Frank Kane 2018. A Glen Specialist is therefore needed for 2019.

It was agreed to try and arrange the AGM around the 19th/20th March and, as previously decided, as it was held “north” in 15 it will be “south” in 16.

There was also discussions re: the AGM proposal and the KC. One other matter bought up in AOB was referred for the AGM