It’s coming to the end..

The National Dog Show in America has just taken place with nice coverage of the Glen of Imaal Terrier Best of Breed, Gr Ch Coleraines Mandalay Royalty and also a shot of the breed (picture 30) on the nbcsport channel.

The National is held on Thanksgiving which means the end of the year is approaching so it seems a good opportunity to say that the daily coverage of the Glen (and wider) world is also coming to an end FOR THE YEAR. The winter isn’t the easiest time for dog people and once the various end of year “Winners Shows” are over all serious exhibition people will be stripping their Glens out for Westminster, Crufts etc so as they go into semi-hibernation so are we. There will be news and everything on here but nothing like the daily release that there has been for the past two years….until probably February when coats have grown and entry figures for the Spring Shows start arriving.

2011 will see the first FUNdraiser since the discovery of the Adam9 gene mutation. Some will think that the journey is over now but it isn’t as the EFG pledged to match the money and they will! Mr Jeff Luscott will be judging the Companion Show and there will be eye testing by Professor Peter Bedford. All the information will be on here as usual along with anything else that is sent. The EFG blog-keeping Glen of Imaal people up to date the same as always.