Breed Buddies

Last year twelve Glen of Imaal Terriers needed assistance in the UK; the sort of assistance that meant a change of home and already this year four have come to notice. Quite a proportion of these have been due to wrong decisions by their owners. It’s easy to see how gorgeous a Glen is and to get carried away with enthusiasm but what happens when the bundle of teddy bear fluff is a stroppy teenager or a hormonal bitch? A love affair can so quickly fail when you aren’t sure what is happening or have no idea where to go.

Today BREED BUDDIES (Here to Help) is launched. Experienced Glen people have always been willing to talk but perhaps a bit difficult to find. Now they are under one banner and very contactable across as many regions of the UK as possible. Want to talk about having a Glen, both the good and the bad? Want to discuss your Glen? Maybe want grooming help or possibly even meet up for a cup of tea and a bun somewhere?

BREED BUDDIES (Here to Help)