As it’s 6 months plus into the year….

….the half way Leaders in the various breed competitions have been reported on so lets look at the people who caused them to be there and the reasons for doing it; yep, how are the critiques for the year doing?

It’s actually been quite a good year up to yet with only 3 Glen of Imaal Terrier critiques missing. These are Nick Hammond from Crufts, Johan Juslin from Southern Counties and Per Iverson from Blackpool and all of them are FCI not Kennel Club. When FCI people judge here they agree to do it “our way” so has anybody seen the critiques? If any of the gentlemen judged FCI style and wrote personal critiques given over immediately to the exhibitor do accept the mistake in including you but until anything different is heard it is basically a name and shame exercise. When exhibitors pay a lot of money to enter, particularly Crufts, it’s downright rude not to put finger to keyboard at all.

2013 Crufts Glen of Imaal Terrier results

The Glens finally got in at the NEC yesterday and it was equal honours for Nick and Simon , under judge Nick Hammond, as both left the ring three times carrying a red card! Best of Breed went to the (now) Veteran Multi Ch Abberann Conan with his equally Veteran sister Ch/Ir Ch Abberann Ennya taking the Bitch ticket. Reserve Dog was also a veteran with Ch/Bel Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad but Reserve Bitch went to a 14 month old in Bregorrey Lady Belleisle. Congratulations!

Full results can be found here and obviously there will be more on the blog on Monday. As requested by many the first place winners are below

It’s this week!

Crufts begins this week! Terrier Day is Thursday March 7th and judge Nick Hammond will be running his eye over 36 Glen of Imaal Terriers, some from overseas. Glens will be judged in Hall 1, Ring 2, after Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers so will not be judged until the afternoon. Even though breed judging only happens on Day 1 there will be Glens in the Terrier area of Discover Dogs for all four days

The EFG will be hosting their usual “bring and share” lunch for all Glen enthusiasts. It doesn’t matter if you don’t own a Glen-just be enthusiastic about them. Jean Rogers is co-ordinating so do contact her for details.


Belfast Championship Show saw Multi Ch Abberann Conan take a repeat CC from judge Alan Small, Best of Breed and for the second year running Group 4. Well done to Homer but as the Group Judge (and the appointed Crufts 2013 judge) Nick Hammond had already awarded him the CC at Belfast 2009 Glen people did think there quite possibly would be, at least, a shortlisting for the Glen of Imaal Terrier. The Bitch CC went to Winnie Wanna Make Music By Jeonty with the two Reserves to Abberann Torcan and Ch Abberann Ennya. Winni getting the CC means there are now three bitches waiting that elusive third and they couldn’t be more different animals; young Winni at not yet 18 months, Muffin (Jeonty Maybee Daysee)  coming up to three and a half and Tierney (Brockland Belle Bregorrey) not far short of Veteran. Interesting few shows ahead!

Not often news from Canada but Toronto had an Irish Breeds Show and Sean Delmar was over to judge. Best of Breed was Ch Finnabair Rocket’s Red Glare. If you look at the BOB special award that Sean is holding it’s the aforementioned Homer.

Crufts 2013

An interesting Glen of Imaal Terrier appointment for Crufts 2013. Nick Hammond will be the third Irishman to officiate at Crufts since Glens got tickets and the third one appointed that isn’t on the Glen of Imaal Association judging list. The Kennel Club, on one hand, is absolutely Breed Club based but on the other hand just doesn’t bother with what Clubs want. If the Association Judging List is considered rubbish why don’t the KC just say so? If they approve of it why do they ignore it?

Nick has awarded Glen CCs before at Belfast 2009 and they went to the Abberann siblings of Conan and Ennya. Maybe it was missed but there isn’t any recollection of seeing a critique and under KC rules that is a must. Tony Killykeen-Doyle never did one either but all praise to Harry O’Donoghue as his Crufts critique came out pretty quickly. We are still missing seeing one Irishman’s critique as Nick White still hasn’t been seen in print 3 months after National Terrier…c’mon Nick, it’s wanted!

It’s back to the Kennel Club again. Their own rules say a critique must be produced and seen by exhibitors but they show a remarkable inclination to re-appoint judges that apparently ignore them.

Another new Champion…a veteran this time!

At Belfast Championship Show Glen of Imaal Terrier judge Nick Hammond awarded the Dog CC to Homer (Multi Ch Abberann Conan) and the Bitch CC to Ir Ch Abberann Diva and so giving her a UK title to add to her Irish one. Diva (Jeonty Tinker Boy Murphy at Brockland/Lady in Blue) is seven years old so is the oldest crowned Champion to date. Her other two Challenge Certificates came from Tony Killykeen-Doyle and Frances Kaye.