Glen Association Critique


Firstly, thank you to the committee for awarding me the appointment of judging the club open show. It was a great honour and I thoroughly enjoyed myself (Once the nerves had subsided!) Thank you also to all the exhibitors who took time and in some cases, travelled a great distance to attend the show.

PUPPY DOG (2) Basil and Thyme, what lovely names and two young dogs full of personality that just shone through. The names did cause a giggle between their owners.

1st Rogers Kingcottage Boogie on Basil. Six months old and full of personality. Great body shape and outline, good width of skull, strong jaw and bone with strong muscle. Correct scissor bite, nice dark eye and harsh coat. Looking forward to seeing this young dog mature. BPD and BPIS

2nd Hardy’s Amhard Just in Thyme Ten months old, good body shape, correct scissor bite, good width of skull and nice harsh coat. Number one took my eye on the day.


1st Dunnings Romainville Freddies Choice Stood alone in the class, but still a worthy first place. Good shape of skull and correct scissor bite, nice eye. New coat starting to oome through and a little unsetttled on the move.


1st Squires Benedikes Edward Bear. Nice harsh coat, strong head with good width of skull, correct bite, good width of rib with a strong front and nice dark eye.

2nd Alstead Golden Spurs

3rd Stokes Romainville Locan


1st Frasers Kirikee Celtic Warrior. Fantastic harsh coat, great strong head, with good width of skull. Correct scissor bite. Good dark eye. Great width across the shoulders, strong topline, front and bone. Covered the ground well. Was pleased to award him both BD and RBIS

2nd Georges Romainville Jazz Man

3rd Davis Donvelset Rafferty at Viahninns

OPEN DOG (4,1)

1st Pennys Grizzlemarsh Digby good head and correct bite, strong chest, nice dark eye. Good coat Moved much better once on a lose lead.

2nd Hardy’s Amhard High Flyer

3rd Howarths Donvaleset Liffy


1st Hadley’s Donvaleset Rebus Stood alone in the class, but still a well deserved first place. Great harsh coat, strong jaw and fore face. Nice dark eye and good on the move. RBD


1st O’Brien & James Amhard Jessie Jay 10 months old, lovely character. Great harsh coat, correct bite. Good width of skull, with a nice dark eye. Covered the ground well.. Was happy to award her BPB

JUNIOR (2,1)

1st Hardy and Tune Amhard Jeez Louise 10 months old, nice harsh coat, nice bone, correct scissor bite. Just not as steady on the move today, but lots of time to settle and mature.


1st Hardys Amhard Indy Kate good strength of head and width of body. Nice eye with a pleasing expression. Movement was great once the lead was loosened.

2nd Frasers Baillielands Easca

3rd Lamb & Judges Eileen Alannah


1st George Romainville Fade to Grey Nice size, good body shape and topline. Correct strong jaw and bite, great coat. Pleasing dark eye. Covered the ground well.

2nd Squires Young May Moon

3rd Lamb & Judges Eileen Alannah


1st Georges Romainville Rock on Ruby. This yound lady caught my eye as soon as she came into the ring. Stong jaw, correct scissor bite with great width of skull. Good strong neck, shoulders and front. Excellent bone and substance. In great coat and she covered the ground well. Was delighted to be able to award her both BB and BIS

2nd Lamb and Judges Eileen Alannah


1st Hadleys Donvaleset Dominio strong muscular front, good topline and width of rib. Strong foreface and nice harsh coat.

2nd Penny’s Pajantick Roisin


Catching up with the news.

Glen of Imaal Terrier folk continue to get out and about. The Glen Association Open Show, judged by Nicki Montford, saw Romainville Rock On Ruby (Daughter of Billy Whizz BIS at the EFG Open Show) getting the applause for Best In Show with Kirikee Celtic Warrior Best Dog. Best Puppy, at his first show, Kingcottage Boogie on Basil and Best Veteran to Donvaleset Rebus.

At Riihimäki All Breed Show BOB was Rosears Humpty Dumpty and BOS Pearytail Bonnie B Goode with Bilbo’s Searlet taking Best Puppy. What a great weekend for GCH Abberann Torcan as he continues to rack up the group placements with a Group 2 and 4 at Wheaton.  His son Daulton’s Wild Night of Galore earned his AKC championship title with Winner’s Dog and Best of Winners at the Illinois show. These follow on a couple of back to back Group 4s.

Some late breaking news to add from the McKinley KC show held in Canton, Ohio yesterday, where Bronze Grand Champion Emerald Isle’s Keely with Daulton (Keely) was awarded a Terrier Group 4 under Judge Colonel Joe B. Purkhiser; breed judge was Mrs. Dennis (Mary Lou) Kniola. It was her 9th group placement under 9 different judges. Keely also went Owner-Handler Group 1 under Judge Kniola. Keely was handled by co-breeder, co-owner Jody Daulton. Ann Marie Pember is also co-breeder and other co-owners are Pam Estes and my wife Sheila Beyer Thomas and myself (Terry).

Kate Flack sends the following:Three day show held at the Western Washington Fairgrounds in Puyallup Washington: Friday, June 5th’s Western Washington All Terrier Show: BOB to KEADEEN’S BLUE BOY FOR BLUESETTE (Aka Ciaran). Bred by A Tighe, J Kindall, and shown by co-owner Jeff Dairiki. Saturday June 6 and Sunday June 7, the Puyallup/Tacoma KC Cluster. Judges Mariano Gatica Gomez and Merle Taylor awarded BOB both days to KEADEEN’S SIR EMMET MINGUS GLAS, (call name Emmet), also bred by Tighe & Kindall, and shown by co-owner Kate Flack.I didn’t credit the judge (Christine Erickson) on Friday as giving BOB to Jeff because well, Friday was complicated. She awarded BOB to me but I was DQ’d. When I registered online I checked the wrong class. I walked into the ring competing with Em as a 9-12 month puppy and then was awarded BOB.I realized my mistake, reported to the Superintendent, gave the ribbons to Jeff and was disqualified. Jeff won’t show up as BOB until the AKC notes the birthdate on my dog but, he will eventually. NOTE TO SELF: Read the confirmation letters that I receive in the mail carefully …… just to make sure I didn’t make an online error. A mistake in class can be corrected by the Superintendent until you step foot in the ring. Feel free to publish the Note to Self – maybe my mistake will keep someone else from making the error.

Congratulations to everybody and particular thanks to Kate for sharing her mistake; do check your entry forms.

And the winner is….

At Windsor Championship Show this year there was a cake making competition in aid of Jilly’s Jolly Jaunt. Cake bakers from all the breeds were invited to submit their efforts and the Glen of Imaal Terrier was there in the form of Nicki Montford and one of her masterpiece creations. After the competition the cakes were auctioned off and the one that made most money, a whopping £50, was Nicki’s “handbag”.

Congratulations, we’re proud of you!!

A new event and, yes, Glen of Imaal Terriers will be represented!

From the organiser:-
Pleased to formally announce the judging panel of the inaugural lemon drizzle cake  competition at next weekends Windsor dog show. The judges all have a JDP in lemon drizzle and are very experienced in sponge. They are Ian Gabriel and Mark Cocozza and the referee will be none other than Mrs Di Johnson. All are experienced in cake! The cakes will then be auctioned off in aid of Jilly’s Jolly Jaunt. Judging takes place after Wire Fox Terrier judging. (The two principal judges realize that the referee is likely to muscle in even if we agree) Come and watch the first CC in lemon drizzle
and what’s it to do with Glen of Imaal Terriers? Obviously the breed cake-maker in chief, Nicki Montford, has made the shortlist and one of her magnificent creations will be amongst the final ten!

WELKS & Birmingham G&T critiques.

WELKS (Glen of Imaal Terrier)


Puppy dog< Romainville  Rock on ,George and Sullivan, Strong blue dog,well muscled.good strong head with a good stop,good ear set,bite level. good front,good topline and good strong shoulders, moved ok best puppy.

Junior dog< Pajantick Star Trooper,Mrs J.Withers. good wheaten yearling good strong head with a fair stop fair ear set,good bite.good  strong front. good topline on the move and moved very well, well muscled and boned,good coat. It will be interesting to see how this dog matures. Best Junior RBD.

2)Rogame Alfie, George and Sullivan. Nice wheaten yearling nice head,good ear set .stop fair good bite,good coat and top line fair muscled,move fair.

Open Dog< Romainville Billy Whizz, George and Sullivan Excellent dog,large, he has matured well ,strong,broad head with a good stop and bite,good ear set good strong front.good topline on the move, good coat and moved well. BD,BOB


PGD< Romainville Jean Jeanie a nice brindle bitch good head with good stop,good ear set and bite,good front and top line,nice coat ,moved fair just out of season.

2)Romainville Brigid of Pines, Betts and Sharpe a nice brindle bitch good,head and ear set,stop fair good front and a good harsh coat, well muscled and moved well. this bitch just would not stand and show itself which was a great shame as it may well have got best bitch.

It was nice to see some good strong dogs out on display with good heads and decent type it will be interesting to see how the junior dogs mature in the next 2 years. On muscle 3 of these stood out and it told in the result it was close in both dog and bitch for best of sex. Thank you to my stewards who were excellent and the exhibitors.

S.G.Holmes (Judge)


Thanks to everyone who supported me in my first B list appointment.

Junior 2 (1A)

1st Rogers Jeonty Meme Fern    very eyecatching 7 month old wheaten bitch.  Beautiful coat and condition, delightful expression.  Nice profile and good bone. Great on the move & handled well.  Looking forward to seeing her as she grows.  Definately one to watch for the future. Best Puppy

Post Graduate. 1st  Ashcrofts Romainville Moira  very pretty wheaten bitch.  Pleasing head and good overall shape, nice eye, correct mouth.  Moved well.

Open 3 (1A) 1st Whitehouse & Mcbrine’s Romainville Kyla at Knockcarrig.  Wheaten bitch. Lovely feminine expression, correct mouth, pleasing eye. Good profile, bone and moved very well.  BOB

2nd Ashcroft’s Romainville Typhoon Brindle dog.  Nice type, correct mouth, well muscled and in good coat.  Bit unsettled in the ring, (think he was a bit confused to see me in the middle of it!) RBOB.

Nicki Montford (Judge)


Into 2013……

A few weeks ago it was asked if the blog should change direction in any way and, if so, what should it be? There has been responses and there has been things sent so let’s make a beginning…..

Winter and early Spring is the dead season Championship Show wise for Glen of Imaal Terrier people so if anybody wants to get out and about it has to be Open Shows. Open Shows are not what they used to be and are desperate for exhibitors-that is well reported everywhere-so you would think that (hopefully) favourable judges would be engaged.

North Lincs has Terrence D. D. Balfour Burgess (Dobrugh) judging WFT, Border, Cairn, Manchester, Cesky, Glen of Imaal, AVNSC and Group. His breed is French Bulldogs and he is (according to websites) a specialist in Chinese Crested and gives tickets in, amongst other things, Shar Pei so maybe he is a closet terrier fan as well.

Lancs Sporting Terrier has Joan Sheldon (Oozzoo) judging Cesky, Glen of Imaal, Kerry Blue, Lakeland, Parson Russell, Staffordshire, Cairn. Her breed is Staffies so she hopefully has seen Glens occasionally.

West Midlands Terrier and Birmingham Gundog and Terrier are top of the list at the moment for actually appointing judges that have had known contact with Glen of Imaal Terriers!! Matt Garnham (for West Mids) has handled and groomed Glens as well as attending an Association Seminar and Nicki Montford (for Birmingham G&T) has owned and exhibited the breed since 1996!

So it’s looking like applause for the committee of two shows, a cautious acknowledgement for one and a, well it’s different, for the fourth.