It was seen…and commented on.

Glen of Imaal Terrier people know the PRA slogan:-Glen of Imaal Terriers Beating PRA Together but wearing the sweatshirt at a different group event means the chest gets quite a bit of study. The Otterhounds aren’t quite a favoured as Glens by the weather God but considering everything that has gone on over the past few days they did very well and Otters are designed for weather after all.

An excellent day out and a good chance for a bit of discussion on genemarkers as the Otterhounds fund research for their epilepsy one.

Officially open….

The British & Irish Vulnerable Breeds exhibition officially opened at the Kennel Club Art Gallery today. 24 breeds are represented and obviously the “well known” ones (Greyhounds, Otterhounds etc.) have more exhibits than the odds and sods i.e.Glen of Imaal Terriers! Glens are there though…..they are on the decanter, on the Mick Cawston calendar and on two prints that, if you are visiting, you may miss as they are literally round the corner.

One piece that is really interesting to anybody with a Glen interest is the picture of the Otterhounds of the Marquess Conyngham. It is dated circa 1909 and shows the pack outside the Woodenbridge Hotel. These hounds were kept at Slane Castle, Co Meath as the Marquess ran a big hunting estate. Why the interest to Glen of Imaal people? That well known photograph that shows a line of terriers consisting of Russells, Bedlingtons and possibly the first ever photograph of a Glen was taken circa 1909 at Slane Castle, Co Meath! It isn’t too beyond the realms of possibility that somewhere with those Otters is a Glen.

Together we can……..

“THE” slogan for all concerned Glen of Imaal Terrier people “Glen of Imaal Terriers-Beating PRA Together” takes a new slant the first weekend of September. Maybe they are considerably hairier than Glens, considerably taller and certainly more messy but Otterhounds also have a problem and theirs is epilepsy. September 7th is their day to raise funds and the Book Stall from the Glen FUNd day will be trekking across the country to Warwickshire. All monies raised will be split 50/50 between the two health funds. You know the EFG site but do have a look at what the Otters have done; their site is listed on the blog roll.