Is this the reason?

We have all wondered why Pedigree Dogs Exposed took place with the seeming blessing and co-operation of the Kennel Club. Just maybe the answer was found in the weekend cupboard clear out.

Anybody remember “Passion for Pedigree?” It’s a television programme that has totally slipped from the memory. Back in the late 90s the BBC had an “educational and documentary” programme called Modern Times and under that banner Passion for Pedigree was commissioned. A tape of that programme was amongst all the others. Filming was allowed in Clarges Street itself and the camera was even present at a Committee meeting. Chairing was Miss Churchill and one of the committee members was a Mr R Irving. Miss Churchill was also responsible for “explaining” pedigree dogs and the job of the Kennel Club; it was glorious! At one point you can nearly hear the person she is speaking to attempt to ask a question. Miss Churchill pauses just a fraction and gives THAT look. Miss C isn’t interrupted again!

The entire programme shows pedigree dog people as gently eccentric and a bit odd but generally nice people. It even showed a Pekingese self-whelping a litter which wouldn’t have happened in last year’s BBC documentary on pedigree dogs! Ten years on from Passion for Pedigree did a certain committee member remember something we had all forgotten about and decide he would become Sybil?