South Wales Kennel Association critique


PGD: 1) Romainville Brannigan at Brockland. Well balanced dog, good head balanced with strong jaw, good shoulders & forequarters, well sprung ribs, good bone & substance, strong loin, good muscular hindquarters, good coat texture, moved with drive. 2) Jeonty Dinky Doughnut. A nicely made dog, nice outline & overall balance, typey head, ok in rib & body, strong loin, good hindquarters. Not as positive on move as winner.

LD: 1) Jeonty Wanabee Bauer. Soundly made dog, good outline, well balanced, nice size, good head with dark eye, strong jaw, good neck, shoulders & forequarters, lovely ribs & body, strong loin, muscular well angulated hindquarters, good coat. Moved very well, Res CC. 2) Donvaleset Rebus, strong masculine dog, head balanced with good width of skull & length, dark eye, good bone, well bodied, good hindquarters.

OD: 1) Int Ch/Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad. Soundly made dog, well balanced, good outline. Good head, correctly proportioned, strong jaw, muscular neck flowing into good shoulders, good forequarters, good ribs, well made  body, strong loin & muscular hindquarters, with well turned stifle. My Res CC winner last time I judged & could not be denied CC & BOB this. 2) Ch Beatrix Boy with Windarra from Donvaleset. Another quality Glen, soundly made, pleasing in outline & overall balance, good head & eye, well made body, good quarters fore & aft. Moved well, unlucky to meet winner in top form. 3) Romainville Bodhran.

JB: 1) Romainville Inki. Nice size & overall balance, feminine head, good eye, nice neck & shoulders, nicely made body, strong loin, okay in hindquarters. Not giving her best on the move.

PGB: 1) Romainville Lily. Nicely made bitch, head correctly proportioned, dark eye, nice shoulders, good ribs & body, good quarters fore & aft, moved & showed well. 2) Romainville Tigan. Typey bitch, nice outline, a shade finer made, ok in ribs & body, good hindquarters, not as positive on the move.

LB: 1)Winnie Wanna Make Music By Jeonty. Soundly made bitch, well balanced with good outline, feminine head correctly proportioned with good expression, dark eye, nice neck, good forequarters, good rib & body, strong loin & hindquarters, good coat. Moved & showed very well. CC, I was pleased to hear this was her qualifier. 2) Jeonty Maybee Daysee. Another soundly made bitch, who pushed the winner all the way, good head & eye, good shoulders &  forequarters, good ribs, well made  body, muscular hindquarters, moved well. Res CC.

OB: 1) Ch Donvaleset Brier. Good outline & overall balance, feminine head of correct proportion, dark eye, good bone & substance, good ribs & well made body, Sttrong muscular hindquarters, moved well.

Peter E Bakewell (Judge)


Last weekend in Wales “Remember….” came into the conversation a lot. It started as everybody read the present for judge Peter Bakewell. What earned the comment of-I was always told he was one of our most experienced judges but hadn’t realised?.  Back in 1984  Peter had judged West Midlands Terrier  with an entry of 42 Glens and written a long critique. The hand-written document had been found and was grinningly given back to him.  Another CC giving judge present reminisced about entries of that number which led to memories of the wine and beer tasting.  At West Midlands Terrier Glen of Imaal people would hold a wine and beer competition, many were enthusiastic brewers & wine makers, and even get a judge in. One year, possibly 86/87 but nobody was too sure on that, other breed people entered as well and judge Fred Bakewell sent his “notes” to the dog paper-they printed it.

Also in Wales a group got together for supper and that also led to “remember when” we all celebrated a Ruby Wedding together and toasted a new wedding. The list kept getting longer. At South Wales word got out that there was Bread Pudding in attendance and there was even requests for “take outs” for people who couldn’t leave their own rings. All over memories surfaced that were followed with a “why don’t you….”

Times have moved on so the brewing (of immortal memory) can no longer take place but why not to anything else? We have all pulled back a bit recently and it’s flattering to know it has been missed; should we go out again? Let us know.

Welcome to Mr & Mrs Sage!

Two new Champions

South Wales Kennel Association, judged by Peter Bakewell, saw Barney (Ch & Bel Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad) add to his CC & BOB total. Bitch CC went to Winni and as that was her third she can now be known as Champion Winnie Wanna Make Music By Jeonty. Whelped in April 2010 by Johnny Be Good at Romainville out of Jeonty Red Clover she is a first Champion for breeder Linda Samuel and the youngest KC Champion to date. The two Reserves were Jeonty Wanabee Bauer and Jeonty Maybe Daysee

Montgomery weekend was quite a weekend for Curry (GCH Coleraine’s Mandalay Royalty) as she took Best of Breed at all four shows, the first time there has  been a clean sweep in Glen of Imaal Terriers at that event. Fergus (GCH Cill Dara’s Fergus of Daulton) was Best Opposite at Hatboro 1 & 2 and Montgomery. Devon saw newly crowned Champion Finnabair Ardmore Ned (Ch Malsville Soldier Blue/GCH Finnabair Fiona The Wicked) take Best Opposite. A great weekend and many congratulations to all

South Wales entries

There are 16 Glen of Imaal Terriers entered for judge Peter Bakewell at South Wales. Terrier Day is October 9th and Glens are in at 10.00am.

After judging there will be a short (ish) get together at the benches. The bread pudding is already seeping-can you think of a finer way to pat ourselves on the back following the Charitable Trust letter!

Birmingham National

Entry figures are out for Birmingham National and Glen of Imaal Terriers have a surprisingly low figure of 18 entries. Mr centre of the ring, Peter Bakewell, is one of the longest time judges of the breed so is the Thursday slot to blame? Birmingham have always had a high entry fee and this year’s was a wowsy so maybe people are being careful with their money and nobody can be blamed for that!

National Terrier entries close today (snail)

National Terrier entries close today. There are a full set of classes with Challenge Cerificates for Glen of Imaal Terriers and the judge is Eileen Foy. Eileen, with her long connection to Glens, is a good excuse to recount a small tale just for the people who like “the good old days”.

Eileen was the first judge to give a Glen of Imaal a Best In Show and it was so unusual that the dog papers covered it. Tom, wheaten and a showman, had been shown under quite a few judges in the north of England so was quite well known. One of the judges who had awarded him a Best of Breed was Peter Bakewell (the Birmingham National judge this year) & he offered his congratulations when seeing the news and passed the comment that “surely he must about have a Junior Warrant by now”. The fast reply was no…Glens don’t get Junior Warrants. Back then rare breeds could obtain Junior Warrants but they were very unusual as 25 firsts had to be won before the dog was nineteen months old. On returning home, just for interest, the diary was consulted, Peter realised more about Tom than I did. Two more firsts and Tom became the first and only Glen of Imaal Terrier able to write JW after his name.tom1

Head shot of Aus. Ch. Malsville Man Alone JW

Birmingham National schedules out.

Birmingham National schedules are out with Terrier day being Thursday May 7th. Glen of Imaal Terriers are being judged by Peter Bakewell. It’s his first time with Challenge Certificates but his umpteenth time judging the breed. There is a photograph in existence of him judging Glens and at the ringside is a pushchair. The occupant of that pushchair is now  33 years old. Money to the PRA Fund will get it scanned onto the blog…unless Peter pays more for it not to be!