World Show entries

The 2015 World Show in Milan is this month and there is an entry of nearly 20,000 dogs. There are 12 Glen of Imaal Terriers at the World Show itself and 8 at the Club Show. The judge for Glens at the World Show was Peter Green but, as is permissible under FCI rules, has now had the appointment taken away from him due to his numbers in other breeds. The Glen judge will now be Eugeny Kuplyauskas from Russia. An American pro handler to an unknown Russian (if anybody does know anything about him in regard to Glen of Imaal Terriers folk would love to hear) could make for an interesting set of results.

And onto 2015.

Last weekend the Eukanuba World Challenge saw the Affenpinscher from the 2014 World Show get nodded to the number one spot. The schedules are already out for the 2015 World Show in Milan in June. It’s a great city with great shopping so if anybody is thinking of a holiday trip there are the normal ruck of shows around the main event and the Glen of Imaal Terrier judge is Peter Green!