If you’re thinking of doing roots….

Here in the British Isles we’ve got used to free travel, in every form, between all the sovereign states and dependencies that make up our group of islands. Things officially changed though when the Pet’s Passport was bought in but it was basically ignored; heck, we’d always moved animals around so what was different?

The “blind eye” turned by port officials is now officially ended and frankly┬ámost of the blame for this can be laid fairly and squarely at the people who bring over van loads of Irish dogs for “rehoming”. Because of them you now cannot transport cats, dogs or ferrets between the two countries without a Pet’s Passport and all the relevant paperwork. So remember this if you are thinking of taking your Glen of Imaal Terrier to visit his ancestral routes!

It’s been law for a long time BUT……

The requirements for Pet’s Passports to be used between EU Member States has been in law for quite a while but it has never been pursued between the Irish Republic and the UK. The above letter (note the date) indicates that soon that may be changed. Yes, it does say “Commercial Breeders” but as far as can be ascertained that is anybody with a Breeder’s License!