Do you use the Pet Passport system?

If you travel abroad with your Glen of Imaal Terrier do consider taking a few moments to read and fill in this survey. It’s the Consultation on the Review of The Non-Commercial Movement of Pet Animals Order 2011 (as amended) and basically DEFRA wants to know if you think the Pet Travel Scheme works.

Rupert recommends…….

Rupert is the proud possessor of a Pets Passprt and regularly travels to France. For any Glen of Imaal Terrier (or travelling canine) he would like to suggest Camping la Chaumiere, 59285 Buysscheure, France as the place to go. Your name is always remembered and a biscuit offered on arrival. Also you are allowed to accompany your people into the restaurant on site for an evening snack…or whatever you can scrounge. If you ask in advance they site owners will book you an appointment with the vet in St Omer to get the Pet’s Passport stamped up. Whilst the people are there they can stock up at the supermarket on those French neccesities of wine/cheese/beer/bread. You can even keep up to date with the EFG blog via the free Wi-Fi in the site bar.

Just a word or two..

Yes, nowadays going to Europe with dogs is no longer a problem. In January things will change again but in the meantime, do not think you have it sorted.

Arrive at Dover/Calais (P & O Ferries) and be promptly told by an officious type “We do not do dogs on a day trip. In 20 years I have never had a dog go in and out in a day so sorry, you can’t travel!!!”

So quoted DEFRA and was told that we would have to go to the Main Office and sort it out. The nice lady finally agreed by looking at computer and consulting supervisor and very closely checking the Pet Passports. Yes they meet the requirements, so in this case we can let you go across.

Worm /Tick requirements are at least 24hrs and not more than 48hrs before you comeback and they don’t like the loophole that some people use of having it done at the show. So if you are going abroad just check you get it done & it is on the passport before you go out or you may not get there.!!!!

Years of going in and out have made some dogpeople say “no problem” but just be warned that there ARE still some port people out there quite willing to say “Just a minute”. Also January is a change, and we told them, but the reaction was “what are you talking about?” If you are going abroad in the first part of 2012 make sure you have all the new regulations printed off the computer or else you might not be going


Pet’s Passport (Pt 2)

We would draw your attention to the “Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council amending Regulation (EC) No 998/2003 on the animal health requirements applicable to the non-commercial movement of pet animals” which proposes an extension of the special transitional requirements until 31 December 2011 (see:

This proposal is still going through the institutional procedures ( so we are not in a position to provide a definitive answer to your questions at this stage.  We would recommend that you contact the UK authorities who will be able to provide you with the latest information and whose contact details you can find at

As far as the non-commercial movements of pets from the UK to other Member States is concerned, you can find all the information on the following page of our web site: from which you can see that additional requirements exist for the entry of pet dogs, cats and ferrets into Finland, Malta, Sweden and Ireland (as well as the UK of course).

With kind regards

Carol Franklin
Institutional Relations & Communication
Health & Consumers Directorate-General
European Commission

In other words: The short version is that the Commission propose that the additional restrictions imposed by Sweden UK and Malta should remain in place until 31st December 2011. The law to make that change is going through the EU machine but has not yet been agreed. However it is unlikely given it is a procedural amendment that it will not go through which is why there has been no Consultation Document posted here

Pet’s Passport

When the European regulation that allowed free movement of dogs around Europe came into force in 2004 the UK Sweden and Malta were allowed to keep more stringent rules for dogs entering their countries than the rest of Europe.

The additional rules required extra blood tests, a strict requirement to keep rabies jabs up to date and in the case of the UK extra worming and tick treatments. Sweden UK and Malta were only allowed to have these extra rules until the 30th June 2010. So at the end of June UK dogs should have the same freedom to move around Europe as the rest of their European cousins and their owners no longer have to pay for a vet to worm and tick treat. The UK government could ask for an extension but it doesn’t appear that they have done as there is no consultation document presented and the timing, if done now, would be wrong. So the UK’s disease protection will depend on responsible and sensible owners ensuring their dogs are properly protected.

It would be wise to check to check with DEFRA before you travel this summer as our border enforcement teams may not be avid readers of the law and a debate with the jobs worth when you return home as that could mean quarantine!