Crufts-All over for another year!

Hopefully all Glen of Imaal Terrier people will be home from Crufts now, if they intended to go straight home of course. Many overseas fanciers came for the day and then were going onto other things. Finland, Sweden, America, Netherlands, and obviously Ireland, were all represented ringside and there was much talk of the theatre-Billy Elliot-dinners and trips.

The EFG “bring and share” goes from strength to strength. It’s done for everybody, and anybody, with any interest in the Glen. All are very, very welcome and this year a good 95% joined in.The stars of the table(s) were the bread pudding and the magnificent cake done by Nicki Montford. A plate was sent up to Discover Dogs, ten out of ten for the people who volunteer on Terrier Day, and we even fed two judges and their stewards. Rings one and two were obviously running over so the stewards were asked if they “would like a plate lunch?” Such a request does get a strange look but after it had been explained we weren’t exhibiting in either breed and just wondered if……..the answer was a resounding yes please. Particularly in one of the rings as the steward there was well aware of Glen hospitality and, as the judge ran even later, came for a second plate.

Okay, let’s do it then, the moan. Why, oh why, do the Kennel Club insist on scheduling smaller number breeds behind bigger ones? Why don’t they just let the lesser entries be done first and then the bigger breeds can be done at the speed (or not) of the judge and if they take all day so be it. Glens have served their apprenticeship at the late, later, latest slot so, as a whole, are pretty patient. We’d be totally shocked if in first to be honest but to have to push your way through the people already in the queue to go home….as you go to the ring. It’s just not on and then the stewards are pressurised by the senior stewards to “get a move on” for the Group will be calling soon. People have paid their money, they have waited all day and they deserve better!!

As Glens were so rushed in the ring quite a few people missed seeing things. There were many cameras there so if you have photographs from the Glen judging, and have uploaded them somewhere, would you care to share with us all. This is David Seall’s record of the day, an awesome bit of multi-tagging