It’s Christmas Eve..

…and what better way to celebrate it in the Glen of Imaal Terrier world than with another list of dogs that have gone through the PRA DNA scheme.

Abberann Bearnard-Clear

Baillielands BB Ben-Clear

Bawnogue Holly Blossom-Carrier

Bwrenna Vom Au Deich -Clear

Feohanagh Cosnochta-Clear

Gerrardstown Frederick-Clear

Gortnatua Anya-Carrier

Gortnatua Fainche-Carrier

Gortnatua Flannagan-Clear

Grizzlemarsh Cassie-Clear

Grizzlemarsh Digby-Clear

Grizzlemarsh Florence-Clear

Miimoksen Hsi ja Ho-Affected (another who is clinically clear though at age 12)

Pajantick Roisin-Carrier

Rosears Agile Rascal-Affected

Rosears Call The Shots-Carrier

Rosears Copyright-Carrier

Uther Uactaran of Megh-Morran-Clear

And this time….

…the following Glen of Imaal Terriers would like to announce their DNA results:-

Abberann Fagan-Clear

Arriva Sand & Sky-Clear

Beechvalley Charming Lady-Carrier

Briarhill Gillyflower-Clear

Carighglen Torcan-Clear

Finnabair Ardmore Ned-Clear

Gleann Knock Out-Clear

Gleann Quicksilver Lad-Clear

Gleann Riley the Ranger-Clear

Knockroe Big Boy-Clear

Irish Rover`s Sir Brendan Behan-Carrier

Marfidal Lupu – Clear

Romainville Typhoon-Carrier

Trenkie El’s Eversley Eireannah-Carrier

Still they come!

Glen of Imaal Terrier people continue to show their commitment to the DNA test to determine the PRA status of their dogs!

Beatrix Boy With Windarra from Donvaleset-Clear

Carrighglen Big Boy-Clear

Carrighglen Brogan-Clear

Cill Dara’s Fergus of Daulton-Carrier

Cill Dara’s Niamh of Daulton-Affected

Cross Stone Copa Xavi at Castlerock-Clear

Daulton’s Darling Tara-Carrier

Daulton’s Daunting Liam-Carrier

Daulton’s Daunting Seamus-Carrier

Daulton’s Devilish Michael Finnegan-Carrier

Daulton’s Devilish Sligo-Carrier

Daulton’s Devine Delanee-Clear

Daulton’s Hunter Green-Clear

Donvaleset Brier-Clear

Elric’s Declan of Cno-Clear

Elric’s Liberty Bell-Carrier

Finnabair Bracken-Clear

Finnabair Maoli-Carrier

Gleann Quantum Leap-Clear

Gleann Regan the Rattler-Clear

Hammersmölles Helena-Affected

Kilkenny’s Sullivan of Castlerock-Carrier

Liberty’s Darren of Daulton-Clear

Liberty’s Kayleigh of Daulton-Carrier

Mag’Aisling’s Art McMurrough-Carrier

McCormac Ignis Fatuus -Clear

Paddington for Tipperar-Clear

Rainbow Springs Long Way to Tipperary-Clear

Taras Felix-Clear

It’s a biggie!!

Remember to check the paper in the printer before printing out this list. Glen of Imaal Terrier people are still doing the breed proud with their take up of the DNA testing and their wish to make the results public!


Marfidal Suzan Bonheur

Marfidal Suzan Cherie

Marfidal Suzan Heros

Rosears Cinnamon Lass


Ballyclare Boy

Brockland Brenden Marfidal

Feitheog Anseo

Jeonty Rock On Tommy

Knockroe Sinead of Marfidal

Marfidal Afternoon Cha

Marfidal Daddy`s Dear Dru

Marfidal Dad`s Day Darcy

Marfidal Hupu

Marfidal In your eyes

Marfidal Jack

Marfidal John

Marfidal Karelian Express

Marfidal Keilah O´Rourke

Marfidal Keaghan O`Leary

Marfidal Local Time

Marfidal Malachy

Marfidal Massey Fergusson

Marfidal Suzan Mignone

Marfidal Time After time

Marfidal Time Goes By

Marfidal Twilight Time

Pajanticks Kitty O´Shea

Ravencroft Ruari

Rosears Crackerjack

Rosears Everything U Wish


Abberann Aoife

Gerrardstown Rockhard of Marfidal

Gleann Nora

Gleann Taggart

Gleann Snowman

Knockroe Alma of Marfidal

Knockroe Moira

Knockroe Shannon

Knockroe Strong Fella

Marfidal All alone

Marfidal Aamu

Marfidal Cream tea

Marfidal Cupan Tae

Marfidal Edwin

Marfidal Elvira

Marfidal Endgame

Marfidal Faari Amalia

Marfidal Faarin Aino

Marfidal Fancy a Cuppa

Marfidal Herra Mirandos

Marfidal Inishlacken

Marfidal Inshmuskerry

Marfidal Jim

Marfidal Kaie O`Mahony

Marfidal Keara O`Neil

Marfidal Kenley lass

Marfidal Mavourmeen

Marfidal Mercury

Marfidal Mug of Molings

Marfidal Neitoperho

Marfidal Not my cup of tea

Marfidal Put the kettle on

Marfidal Saniday

Marfidal Sanilightning

Marfidal Sanistorm

Marfidal Sugar kane

Marfidal Tamanar

Marfidal Tazla

Marfidal The Mocker

Marfidal Tiffermit

Marfidal Tizza

Marfidal White vision

Marfidal Why me

Rosears Bumblebee

Sally’s Wonder

And still they come…

More Glen of Imaal Terrier owners want to share their DNA PRA results:-

Bailielands Amhain-Carrier

Bailielands Bruce-Clear

Bailielands Cailin Dana-Carrier

Bailelands Dubhcos-Clear

Bailielands Elsa-Clear

Bailelands Las Mo Thine-Clear

Bailelands Nonek-Clear

Briar Hills Mountain Music-Clear

Briar Hills Tristan Rue-Clear

Caius’s Augustus Welby Pugin-Clear

Coleraine’s Budget Inn-Carrier

Coleraine’s The Mirage-Affected

Dashy Finscha of Fir na Grian-Clear

Feohanagh Hero-Clear

Gleann Octave-Clear

Gleann Organ-Clear

Gleann Pepe Nero-Clear

Glenties Bruans-Carrier

Grizzlemarsh Archie-Carrier

Grizzlemarsh Dorothea-Clear

Grizzlemarsh Edie-Clear

Hammersolles Frigg-Carrier

Kallington’s Dame Juliana of Caius-Carrier


Malsville Soldier Blue-Carrier

Marfidal Ping Coleraine-Clear

Rainbow Springs Gung Ho Monroe-Affected

Sandybanks Siobhan-Clear



Another List for the Files

The latest DNA results for PRA in Glen of Imaal Terriers. Thank you to everybody for sharing. Some names you will have seen before-these are the people who have sent samples to both Bochum & Optigen-the results came back the same!

Abberann Abaigeal. Carrier

Beechvalley Oscar. Affected.

Brockland Belle Bregorrey. Carrier

Brockland Merrylegs for Bregorrey. Affected

Daulton’s Devoted Sligo. Carrier

Eibhleann Briana Kyna Kaylhee. Normal/Clear

Fire & Ice Arriva. Normal/Clear

Hammersmølles Eos. Carrier

Hammersmølles Erato. Affected

Kieran Goya Tailwaggor Tyndall – Normal/Clear

Kilkenny’s Another Brick in the Wall. Carrier

Kilkenny’s BluBallymaloe. Normal/clear

Kilkenny’s Cobalt Connection Carrier

Kilkenny’s Glen Bailey.  Normal/Clear

Kilkenny’s Glen Ronan. Normal/clear

Kilkenny’s No Regrets. Normal /clear

Johnny Be Good at Romainville. Normal/Clear

McCormac Earc of Slane. Normal

McCormac Lí Ban Lúathlám. Normal/Clear
McCormac Muadhnait. Normal/Clear
McCormac Noísio. Normal/Clear
McCormac Nárbhla Báethchellach. Carrier

Miimoksen Pohjan Kruunu. Normal/clear.

Ravencroft Banrion Riabhach. Affected.

Ravencroft Deirfiur Beag. Carrier.

Busy day so it’s a toss of the coin…

A big weekend round up or the latest DNA PRA List? It’s tails so the DNA PRA List it is. Even though this has only been going on for an actual month we are aware that there are people who are a bit confused by it all so, if you can, have a look at the Glen of Imaal Terrier Breed Notes in Our Dogs this week. You’ll be able to find it in WH Smiths and it might be worth buying it, to refer back to, rather than just reading it in the shop.

Ballyfoyle Blue Boy-Affected

Beechvalley Golden Boy-Carrier

Beechvalley No Hostage-Clear

Billy Tow von Au Deich-Clear

Briarhill O’Riley-Clear

Clogging Grian Claran Tatler Jack-Clear

Daulton’s Darling Orlaith-Carrier

Daulton’s Emerald Green-Clear

Daulton’s Kelly Green-Carrier

Finnabair Bretzel-Clear

Fire & Ice Fantaghiro-Clear

Fire & Ice Jazz-Clear

Gleann Lassarina-Carrier

Gleann Mrs Marshmellow-Carrier

Gleann Nolaig-Clear

Gleann Ode-Carrier

Hyvänhuomenen Urhea Gleann-Clear

Irish Rovers Lady Bridget Bee-Clear

Jeonty Flown Finnair-Clear

Jeonty Just For Fire & Ice-Carrier

Kilkenny’s Sine Metu-Carrier

Kilkenny’s Travelin’ Man-Clear

Miimoksen Sirius-Carrier

Rosears Ablooming Bud-Carrier

Siossapee’s Hilaris-Carrier

Previous lists appeared on August 31st and August 6th

Updates to THE list.

Thanks to the owners of the following Glen of Imaal Terriers for DNA testing for PRA and allowing the results to go public. You are an example to us all and if anybody wishes to follow in their footsteps the EFG blog will, with pleasure, put them up for ALL to see.

Ch Ballyfoyle Ronda The Second-Clear

Bear Necesssities Baloo-Clear

Bawnogue Boy Blue-Carrier

Bawnoque Drama Queen-Clear

Briar Rose at Romainville-Carrier

Ch Broc Rua Tallulah-Clear

Coleraine’s Blue Moon Magic-Carrier

GCh. Coleraine’s Mandalay Royalty-Carrier

Feohanagh Bryan-Clear

Fear Fiuntair Bhailintin Bono-Clear

Ch. Finnabair Rocket’s Red Glare-Clear

Fourth Hunt Little Raven-Carrier

Fourth Hunt Pure Gold-Clear

Fourth Hunt Tallulah-Affected

Glenbride TullyRed Nally-Carrier

GlenTyrs Something Wicked-Affected

Hadberg Shakira-Clear

Hadberg Sweet Honey-Carrier

Jeonty Dinky Doughnut-Clear

Ch Liberty’s Glenbride-Clear

McCormac Niamh Chinn Oir-Clear

McCormac Nuadu-Carrier

Pajantick Sky Masterson at Malsville-Affected (By opthalmoscope still clear-Veteran)

Rainbow Springs Alberta Clipper-Carrier

Rainbow Springs Brave Beckett-Carrier

Romainville Alli Oop-Carrier

Romainville Ellie-Clear

Romainville Lily-Clear

Romainville Miss Moneypenny-Carrier

Romainville Rhian-Clear

Romainville Tigan-Clear

Siossapee’s Hilaris-Carrier

If anybody wants to print the lists off for their records please do. The first list was on August 6th