We’re not the only ones…..

Remember back to the few short days of summer, the PRA FUND Raising Weekend, and the Space Hopper Derby. The “Derby” is an event that has happened a few times and always is greeted with great hilarity and surprising enthusiasm (until afterwards when folk realise they aren’t as young as they thought they were). The following link was sent by somebody who is already in training for the next Derby…..it isn’t just Glen of Imaal Terrier people who remember their inner child!


Wildflowers anybody?

Still tidying and sorting out from the PRA FUNd Raising weekend and there are some wildflowers left. These are packets of pure wildflower seeds that will cover 3-5 metres, are a mere pound each and that includes postage.

Also we have stuff left that we haven’t a clue who it belongs to. We know we put the word out for chairs, tables and anything else that might be useful and all obliged but it has now left us with an excess! So next time you go to get your picnic chairs/best knife or whatever and can’t find it ask yourself one question………did you take it to the PRA FUNd Raiser and have you seen it since?

Well, we did it!

Could we do it? Yes, we could!!! Months of preparation and cajoling for the PRA FUNd Raising Event finally happened and even the weather God approved of the effort….the sun shone! So much happened. It’s too early to say how much was raised but everybody there said how much they had enjoyed themselves. When brains and legs have recovered and the tidying up done it’ll be reported on.

Oh yes, all Glen of Imaal Terriers eye tested came through with flying colours

Less than 48 hours to go…..

It’s less than 48 hours until the PRA FUNd Raising Weekend begins. Some people have already started arriving to help set up. The field has had its final cut and the toilets have arrived. The marquees are here (not up yet though) and the car park signs are made. Slo-cookers and crock pots are sitting ready to begin the food for Saturday’s Soiree and Big George is ready to march into action for Sunday breakfast.

All we need now is the weather God not to be too vengeful!

Want to join in?

Millenium Clock
Millenium Clock
Close up

Close up

We’ve been asked if there will be anything next weekend (The PRA FUNd raising event if you have forgotten) that people can bid on? There have been some generous donations and three are currently on ebay
Item number: 200237599190
Item number: 200237613167
Item number: 200237618532
if you want to look but the above clock will be actually at the event on Sunday and telephone offers/early offers are being taken.
It is a Millenium 2000 clock that has never been used, it was taken out of the bubblewrap it came in to be photographed. Around the outer rim are iconic things from the previous hundred years; the mini car, the Beatles, first walk on the moon, first flight etc. and there in the middle is the Glen! It was painted from a photograph of a wheaten bitch and is very lifelike.
It would look great on YOUR wall so ring up and make an offer

Fit for function…..

The Kennel Club are currently running a campaign entitled “Fit For Function-Fit For Life”. In other words can your dog actually do anything other than sit as a heaped couch potato? The PRA FUNd Raising Weekend will give you lots of things to try with your dog and as we keep saying, not just for Glen of Imaal Terriers! Besides the Companion Show there will be agility, go to ground and lure work. Go on, come and give it a go!

Adding to the list….

The whole idea of the weekend in July is to raise funds for the Bochum Project that is attempting to find the DNA link to PRA in Glen of Imaal Terriers. This is why we are pleased that Dr. Peter Bedford (probably the leading eye man) in the UK is doing the eye testing and why it is even more pleasing that Prof. Epplan has agreed to come over from Bochum to give a talk on how his work is progressing. The list of “experts” attending the weekend has now grown by one more: last weekend we were pleased to get confirmation¬†that Dr Jeff Sampson, Canine Genetics Co-ordinator at the Kennel Club, will also be with us in Swineshead.

Good Citizens….

Do we have to pre-register for Good Citizens? No, you don’t. It’s a turn up and take it event but if your dog prefers, say,¬†first thing in the morning let us know and we’ll make sure that slot is available. There is no charge for taking Good Citizens (and you will receive a rosette and certificate if you pass) but this is a PRA FUNd Raising Weekend so a donation to the cause would be very appreciated. Like the eye-testing it is open to any dog not just Glen of Imaal Terriers!