Do we………..?

It has been asked if there is a toilet and shower block if people come in a caravan to the PRA FUNd Raising Weekend? There is a registered site about half a mile away and reservations can be made there. Of course anybody who wants to can pitch on the field…….there are plenty of trees and a pond that can have a hosepipe fixed up!

Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen TestThe PRA FUNd Raising Weekend Schedule is getter busier by the week. Already there is a Companion Show, Agility, Lure, Go To Ground and numerous side events and to this is now added the Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Bronze Test. This will take place on both days.

The Good Citizen Test can be done by most dogs and they don’t have to be a pedigree to do it. Visit the Kennel Club website via the link and click on Bronze Award to see what is needed. If you have any questions do ask!

Birmingham National

Birmingham National was really warm and it was nice to be inside where it was cooler. Buster took his second Challenge Certificate and another “new” lady, her first in this country. Eilish may live here in England but she has Ir Ch in front of her name and regularly visits the country of her birth.

The first of the flyers for the Companion Show were given out and people present at the benches really forced themselves to sample Nikki’s cakes. She is going to do some for the PRA FUNd Raising Weekend and thought she should try them out first. As we all had to have a second to check how suitable they were I think the general agreement was that they would pass muster. Do come on the day and give your opinion!

PRA Talk

The talk by Professor Epplen, at the PRA FUNd Raising Weekend, is an open meeting available to anybody with a Glen of Imaal terrier. Indeed anybody who is interested in gene research is more than welcome to attend. No invites have been sent out because none are needed!

Peter Bedford will also be present on both the Saturday and Sunday to do eye-testing. This is NOT restricted to Glens but is open to all breeds. To enable the day to be arranged an appointment system for ryr tests will be operating so email to reserve your time

Looking Forward.

Spring has come in like a Lion, we are all hoping it goes out like a Lamb and perhaps a sign we might get a good summer particularly for a certain weekend in July!
Caravanners need to book ( those needing hook ups ) with the Poplars Farm as they have only limted site available. This is a small selective site 1/2 mile away from the FUNd weekend (on the same road ) so early bookings would be appreciated.01205 722692 ( Caravanning & Camping Club certified ).
Do not forget to let Jean know if you want to stay at the local motel so she can book you in at a special rate.  Offers of  new season Strawberry Jam already being talked about, seems cream teas now maybe on the menu.