Ebay auction begins July 3rd

The Glen of Imaal Terrier PRA Fund Raising Auction on ebay will begin Saturday July 3rd and will run for ten days. This will mean that anything won can be collected from the Fund Day at Swineshead. This year over a dozen items have been donated but there is still time if anybody else would like to contribute!

Stopping over?

The PRA FUNd Raising Companion Show (on July 17th) may only be one day but the usual invitation is extended for people to come for the weekend and some caravans and tents, plus their owners of course, have already booked in. The hotel that some have stayed at previously has changed hands so Supreme Inns is what you need to look for now.

This invitation is just not for Glen of Imaal Terrier people-all and everybody are welcome.

American PRA Research Fund Raiser

The First GITCA Yearbook will be published in time to coincide with the 2009 National Specialty at Montgomery County Kennel Club.  We are celebrating our fifth year of AKC recognition and participation.  EVERYONE is invited to purchase a page to highlight their kennel, a special dog, an upcoming event, or to just wish the breed well.  Foreign Glen of Imaal Terrier enthusiasts are welcome to participate.  However, no ads for litters or items for sale will accepted.  Profits from the sale of the Yearbook will go to PRA research.

The Yearbook will be published in an 8 1/2″ x 11″ black and white format.  Each page will cost $25 and will include the use of one photograph.  Pages may be sent complete as an attachment in a .pdf file, or you may send your ideas and pictures for a page to be composed.  300 dpi is recommended for photo files.  One Yearbook is provided at no charge for each page purchased.

The deadline is August 1, 2009.  The Yearbooks will be handed out in October at MCKC or mailed to those not attending.  2009 GITCA Yearbooks will be available for sale.

Payment and discs with page content may be mailed to : Mary McDaniel, 597 Thornburg Road, Babson Park, FL 33827.  Make all checks payable to GITCA.
Page and content attachments may be sent to: AnatolianDoc@cs.com.

SKC and counting…..

SKC has gone with another CC (and BOB) for Homer with Ceilidh getting her second. That makes three of that litter now with 2CCs so which will be the first to get the CH in front of their name? Once again we all suffered greatly by sampling cakes ready for the PRA FUNd raising weekend. It was decided that there would be no problem with Roberta’s banana cake sharing pride of place with Nikki’s triple chocolate (orders can be taken).

Prof. Epplen has confirmed the definate booking of his plane for the weekend. His talk should be of great interest. If you are thinking of attending please let us know so we can try and make sure that there are enough chairs!

On the road again….

The Championship Show Glen of Imaal circuit moves up to Edinburgh this weekend. There will be flyers and schedules for the Companion Show available. Admittedly Swineshead isn’t just down the road from Scotland but there is overnight accomadation available and Scotland will be on their school holidays by then. A good excuse for not attending would be sponsoring a class instead! Just talk to Jean.

A special donation…..

Recently one of the  most senior admirers of Glens died. When his effects were being gone through it was discovered he had been rearing plants for the PRA FUNd Raising Weekend. He had realised his health meant he probably wouldn’t be able to attend so was doing the plants to help make everything “look nice” and hoped that maybe the pots and tubs could be sold afterwards and raise some money that way. We will be doing our best to make sure his wishes are carried out!

Spring IS Here…..

Forget the forecast for more bad weather Spring IS here. After being on set-aside for a couple of years the field where the Companion Show is to be held has been harrowed and by July it will be lush meadow courtesy of Boston Seeds. Yes, do look at their website via the link. It’s the least we can do when they are another company that has agreed to sponsor the PRA FUNd Raising Weekend. Talking of sponsorship, Lings have said if anybody who is attending the weekend would like any particular mower or piece of equipment taking along for a testdrive just get in touch with them but do remember to say where you got their name from!

Soon Be April

Nearly April and things are starting to get more organised for the PRA FUNd Raising Weekend. The rosettes have arrived and they are very nice. You won’t be ashamed at all to put one on the wall.

National Terrier is the next show where a number of Glens can be seen together and this year there will be 28 at Stafford. Whilst some of us will be slumming  it in the dust of the New Bingley Hall Homer and his people will be in the best bib and tucker down at the Contest of Champions representing Glen of Imaal Terriers. One question? Does Homer get to wear a bow tie?