After Crufts….

Emails are coming in asking about the 2010 PRA Fundraising Event. Yes, there will be eye testing (all breeds as well as Glen of Imaal Terriers). Yes, there will be a Companion Show. Yes, we are hoping to do an ebay auction. The date is Saturday July 17th and there are some details on the EFG blog but fuller details will be released after Crufts.

Anybody who has been to any of the previous Fundraisers should have a look at a new dog toy….our retro idea is catching on everywhere!

It’s the final countdown!

Well, we’re finally here. The PRA Fund Raising Event is this weekend. Some people have been camped on site since last Monday with the bulk expected today and tomorrow. The rosettes and prizes are sorted for the Companion Show and the dog food firms have been very generous. Wagg, Burns, Chudleys and Eukanuba have all sent contributions to the cause and we say “thank you” for it.

Last yeat the Space Hopper Derby saw a lot of “I’d love to have a go but don’t know if I could do it now”. No problems this year. For 50p a Hopper can be used for a re-accquainting session. Word has already been received though that one person coming has been in practice for weeks.

The ye testing vacancy has now been filled so the day is running with a very full card.Please be on time i.e. 15-20 minutes before your appointment so the drops can be put into the dog’s eyes…..and don’t forget your registration documents.

There are quite a few tombola prizes already with us but there can never be too many so bring things along.

Of course you can bring your own picnic but there will be food and drink to buy and yes, there will be toilets!

The Friday before

The PRA Fundraising Companion Show is on Sunday 12th & there is a Soiree on the Saturday evening. Some have already said they will be with us for the weekend which is fine but if you ARE coming the Friday can you please definately let Jean know; the fish needs to be sorted for the planned fish & chip supper!

As it is now less than a month away the Moday update is changing to a….when ever something occurs or we think about it.

Are you thinking of staying?

The PRA Fundraising Event on July 12th will fit very well into anybody taking a few days off to attend East of England Championship Show. Last year there were tents, caravans and the local hotel all filled with Fund Raising bodies but this year we have encountered a slight problem; the Comfort Inn is now closed.

Luckily it hasn’t locked its doors two days before the event so people already booked into there have been found new accommodation but what about you? Some had already given provisional notice that they were thinking of stopping the night but, as yet, hadn’t booked. If you DO want to stay overnight please let Jean know ASAP and she will assign you to one of the B&B rooms on standby!