And the news of the day is….

Last week Glen of Imaal Terriers celebrated the news that Cornell University had found and identified the gene that causes PRA in Glen of Imaal Terriers; at long last there was a test to help take the breed forward. There was also equal, but very low key, rejoicing in Europe because, as so often happens in these sort of experiments, Bochum University also found the gene. Bochum felt parties that had donated major funding and grants should know first but now proudly stand as able to offer the test to all Glen of Imaal Terrier owners.

We say thank you to the various scientists that have made this possible but biggest thanks must go to the Glen of Imaal Terrier owners who have “done their bit” to raise funds in so many ways both sides of the Atlantic and now the reward is there for the taking. Obviously now there are laboratories on two Continents worries regarding shipping blood, and the time it will take, are reduced. Details from Optigen (licensed by Cornell) can be found here and details from Bochum can be found here-do read the PDF file attached to the Bochum release.

Two continents and an entire breed-we can all applaud ourselves!