‘Tis the season BUT…..

……something has got to be said!!

In January/February 2008 the UK Glen of Imaal Terrier world had media coverage like never seen before. Very poorly researched articles appeared all over regarding the state of the breed; Glens were “rarer than the Giant Panda” was the headline most often used and we knew it would cause trouble. Of course it was fought as hard as it could be but why listen to the actuality when the supposed factuality was so much more attention grabbing?

As had been expected that year saw Glens for sale with a price that could not believed but some people bought them because they were “so rare and near extinction”. This year has seen internet advertising of Glen litters reach new heights and many have selling lines like “difficult to get puppies”, “this very rare breed” and one even did do the Panda headline. There are some internet advertisers of Glen of Imaal Terriers who do the job properly by screening their buyers, by explaining about the breed, by having them to meet the parents and suggest other Glens to visit but there are others that don’t and this is why, for the first time in years, THREE GLENS HAVE BEEN IN RESCUE WITHIN A MATTER OF WEEKS!!!!! It is also known of, at least, two others who are looking for new homes after being sold to totally the wrong situation but these (up to yet) aren’t coming into Rescue because big money was paid and they want it back!

So, in honour of the season of goodwill, if you are thinking of getting a Glen of Imaal Terrier in 2010 (or even later) do have a look at this. Reading it through and answering the questions honestly could save you a lot of problems as your Glen matures. Glens are a breed that should bring a smile to a face but you need to honestly know what baggage travels with it