Here’s to you boy!

ARBA CH. Rainbow Springs Oliver Twist SE, RN, RATI, RATS, NW2, NW3-C, NW3-E, NW3-I, NW3-V, L1I, L1V, SDE

For many years “Ollie” has graced us with his photographs and his talented exploits. Today, as a mark of respect, he sits looking at us with all his many and varied titles listed-the reminder of what a great boy he was and by that one word, was, the message has been given. Ollie has walked on to another life.

A small blue & tan Glen of Imaal Terrier whom the majority of Glen owners have never met but he was ours. We knew him, admired him and loved him. We all shared him through the kindness of Les & Monique so today we share their pain and final message:-

OLIVER   11/17/1999 – 3/17/2017

 After maintaining his positive attitude and love of life for 17 1/3 years, Oliver’s health issues caught up with him last week and we made the difficult decision to help him cross over on Friday. We are heartbroken over the loss of our sweet boy. It is hard to imagine never seeing or holding him again.  Our treasured memories will sustain us and he will live on in our hearts forever. We will love you always, “angel boy” Oliver!

You did us proud Ollie. Thank you for being you.






Some were still out and about!

Three events to record over the Christmas/New Year period for Glen of Imaal Terriers and their owners. At Dublin Dog Show Abberann Phelan was Best of Breed with Daulton Midnight Sky of Galore taking the Bitch Green Star. At Luton Canine Association Boudivella Oscar took his first Group Placement with Best of Breed and Puppy Group 3.

And Monique sends the following:- On Saturday in New Hampshire, Oliver earned his 3rd qualifying score and resulting title in the Novice Speed class at a Performance Scent Dogs’ Nosework trial.  By doing so, he completed the requirement of earning titles in all five Novice classes (Buildings, Containers, Distance, Exterior, Speed) to become the FIRST dog of any breed to earn an overall NOVICE LEVEL TITLE! Accomplishing this involved lots of practice and traveling hours to trials over the last 8 months, but he and I thoroughly enjoyed the process. He also qualified for the 3rd time in Advanced Containers and earned that class title.  I am so proud that a 16 year old Glen of Imaal Terrier was the first to achieve this milestone and that he continually demonstrates that age is only a number!

Oliver-PSD Novice title

He has to lead the round up in…

…I’m sure every Glen of Imaal Terrier owner will understand and cheer this superb animal.

Monique writes the following:- Oliver qualified in all 4 Nosework classes held yesterday (Containers & Exteriors) at the Performance Scent Dogs trial in Auburn, NH. This new canine scenting organization awarded their first titles ever and I’m proud to say that Ollie accumulated enough qualifying runs to earn a Novice Containers title! The old guy rocked! He has participated in quite a few sports & organizations, and his complete name is now:
ARBA CH. Rainbow Springs Oliver Twist SE RN RATI RATS NW2 L1I SD-NC

On the exhibition front Blackpool saw a Best of Breed for Ch Kirikee Ronan O’Gara with Best Bitch going to Amhard Indy Kate. At Kilkenny Ch Abberann Phelan took the top spot with Ch Abberann Dervla BOS. Over in Europe Gallivare International had Gleann Ungus MacGuire in the number one spot with Gleann Balloo Girl taking Best Bitch. Over in the States Ch Abberann Torcan continued his Group tally with a Gp 4 at West Bend Wisconsin.

Great going people!


This is impressive!

Ollie (Rainbow Springs Oliver Twist) did it and now Louise Lopez sends the following:-

GCH Broc Rua Tallulah CGC CA AJP AXP XFP CD RE CGC RATO JE NW2 !!! The Nose Work 2 title was earned today in Orangevale, CA. Tula did a magnificent job and became the 2nd Glen of Imaal Terrier in the US to win this title, after the magnificent Rainbow Springs Oliver Twist. Tula’s an incredible girl and I’m so grateful–to her, to Noreen O’More and to all of our instructors. We searched a multipurpose room (containers), 2 classrooms, an outdoor lunch area and 4 vehicles in the playground. 36 participants, only 12 passed. First place dog’s time for 5 searches was 3 min 21 seconds. Tula’s was 4:41.

More news on the performance front from Mark & Kelli:- Another fabulous weekend for our Glens! Finnabair Winston O’Reilley, BN, RA,CGCA, CD, TD, THDA, JE, NJP, NAP, RATS, VCD1, NW1 competed in AKC Rally/Obedience trials this weekend. Winston became the first Glen of Imaal to earn a Graduate Novice Obedience title. Winston also earned his first two qualifying scores towards his AKC Companion Dog Excellent title while also completing his AKC Rally Advanced Title and earned his first two qualifying scores towards his AKC Rally Excellent Title. Ber-D-Mar Ballygriffin of Greystone,BN, RA,CGCA JE, NJP, RATO, NW1 also earned his AKC Rally Advanced title this weekend. Fun weekend!

On the exhibition front only WELKS has reported in with a BOB for Romainville Billy Wizz (certainly on a roll at the moment) with BOS & BP going to his kennel mate Romainville Annabelle.

Well done folks!!

Louise & Tula NW2

What a boy!

Monique sends;- I am extremey pleased to announce that, at nearly 15 1/2 years old, Oliver became the first Glen Of Imall Terrier to earn a NACSW Nose Work 2 (NW2) title today! He Identified the locations of anise & birch scent in four different search areas: interiors, exteriors, vehicles and containers. This was his first NW” trial and I was simply hoping to determine what he needed to practice more on. However, he amazed me by his abilities and continued desire to work. I’m a proud doggie mamaOliver-NW2-sm Ch. Finnabair To Infinity and Beyond, “Buzz”, became Group Placing Ch. Finnabair To Infinity and Beyond after back to back group 4 placements in Austin, TX SKC has extended the closing date to 14th April but no time has been specified.

Tallinn Winners saw BOB Gleann Ungus MacGuire, BOS to Gleann Ode and Best Veteran to Gleann Organ. At LKC the BOB rosette went home with Rosears Humpty Dumpty & BOS with Gleann Bijou

It’s a first…and a first..and a first

Top billing today has to go to possibly the greatest Glen of Imaal Terrier ambassador of the moment, that catalogue model, that hunting man extraordinary, that evergreen 15 year old Rainbow Springs Oliver Twist who has just added another title to his repertoire with a Nose Work Element title in INTERIORS from the National Association of Canine Scentwork (NACSW)!!! The trial was held at Camp Harrington in Boylston, MA and he located the hidden birch scent in 4 rooms set in different buildings (in an office, a bathroom, a yurt, and a game room).  Owner Monique says how much he still enjoys “working” and we are so proud of him and his NOSE and she loves being part of his team!! Ber-D-Mar’s Ballygriffin of Greystone, also a definite contender on the ambassador ability front, earned his first qualifying score in Novice Jumpers With Weaves and also a second place! Not to bad for his first time in the agility ring

The Glen Association is the last Championship Show of the year for the breed and it was quite an event for the Whites. Nick, being a total romantic, bought Ann over to a dog show for their Golden Wedding but what a day for them. Abberann Phelan took his 3rd CC and Best In Show and so became the youngest Glen to get made up at a week short of 17months, (taking the accolade from Ch Winni Wanna Make Music By Jeonty at a week over 17 months) sister Dersla took the Reserve Bitch CC and their imported puppy from America, the first US bred Glen to be shown here, Daultons Midnight Sky of Galore took Best Puppy in Show. To finish it all off they even won the rather handsome Christmas cake in the raffle. Judge Don Harley also made up another bitch Champion with Romainville Ellie taking her 3rd CC and BOS In Show. Reserve Best In Show was awarded to the Dog RCC winner Amhard High Flyer.

Well done all.



So as it’s Monday….

…what have Glen of Imaal Terriers been doing?

Belatedly from last weekend the two Irish International Shows. On Saturday Green Star Dog was Abberran Karl with Green Star Bitch and Best of Breed to PoachersMoon Sissy McGinty. Sunday was a repeat of the Dog GS but BOB (and Bitch GS) was Abberan Enya. This weekend had Laiquendi’s Jillian Griffith James Best of Breed at Dortmund and so becoming a European Champion. At South Wales Kennel Association Best of Breed was awarded to Bregorrey Madam Defiance with Romainville Typhoon taking the Dog Challenge Certificate and Best Puppy Romainville Rock On Ruby.

Monique Anthony writes news of the fabulous (nearly 14 years old) Oliver:- Oliver had fun today at a Barn Hunt trial in Portland, CT. He was in the Senior class and had 3½ minutes to locate 4 tubes containing live rats hiddenin hay bales. With bales piled 3 levels high, 3 dirty litter tubes (without rats) to trick up the dogs, and many hiding locations, it was a very challenging course. He had already qualified twice in this class at trials a month ago. He ran round finding rat after rat after rat and qualified for the 3rd time earning his Senior Barn Hunt Title. There is a possibility he is only the 2nd dog in the country to earn the RATS title but that hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Congratulations to everybody!

let’s hear it for Ollie!!!

Monique sent this a couple of month’s ago “if there was an opening” it was busy over the summer so it was still in the file.

Rainbow Springs Oliver Twist SE RN NW1  RATN has been enjoying the new sport of Barn Hunt over the last few weeks.  He’s traveled to trials in North Carolina and New Jersey in addition to staying in his home state of Connecticut.  After failing at his first few attempts in the novice class by either eliminating on a hay bale (what’s a boy to do?) or choosing tubes with dirty litter instead of a live rat, he finally succeeded by qualifying at 3 trials in a row.  Oliver ran through tunnels formed by hay bales,  climbed at least one bale high, and finally indicated the tube with the live rat. By earning a Novice Barn Hunt title (RATN) at the mature age of 13 ½ years old, Oliver is the oldest Glen of Imaal Terrier to ever title in an AKC recognized sport.  We are immensely proud of our working dog!  For more information on this new fun event, go to

Then over the weekend this happened! Oliver became Rainbow Springs Oliver Twist  SE  RN  NW1  RATI  RATO

The Open class differs from the Novice class in that the dog must locate 2 hidden live rat tubes instead of 1 (plus, there are 2 dirty litter tubes hidden without rats to trick the dogs), the tunnel of hay bales is longer with a turn, and one section of bales is 3 levels tall so the rats can be hidden higher up (and one must be).  2 ½ minutes is the time limit to find 2 rats, climb bales, and tunnel. 3 qualifying legs are required to earn a RATO title.

He has  now moved into the Senior class; appropriate considering his age.  4 live rat tubes are hidden (plus 3 with dirty litter sans rat) in the more complex course, the tunnel has at least 2 turns, and 2 sections of bales are at least 3 levels tall.  The time limit increases to 3 ½ minutes, but it is a fast paced event with rat tubes being located and handed out of the ring constantly so the dog can refocus and find more vermin.  A very fun sport, especially for spectators!Oliver-RATN-sm



Autumn must be coming

For the first time in months no European Glen of Imaal Terrier show news but over in America things continue on. Always nice to hear of the breed doing other things and Monique Anthony sends news of yet another string to Oliver’s multi-talented bow.

Oliver (Rainbow Springs Oliver Twist SE RN) and I competed in our first K9 Nose Work trial held at an agricultural high school in Dighton, Massachusetts on Sunday.  There were 4 different search areas and the dogs had 3 minutes maximum in each region to locate a hidden birch scented cotton swab after which the handler must call “Alert”.  Out of 46 dogs competing, Oliver was one of only 14 that passed all 4 search tests (containers, interior building, exterior area & vehicle) earning his Nosework 1 title from the National Association of Canine Scentwork.

Del Valle Dog Club Glens

Also news doesn’t often arrive from the West Coast Glen community but Del Valle occured over the weekend. Best of Breed Ch Finnabair Waking Kilmurray, Best Opposite to Champion Broc Rua Gone With The Wind with Best of Winners to Maille of Cnoc