Where do they come from?

Recently there have been quite a few seemingly Glen of Imaal Terriers turning up in general rescue kennels, particularly so in the USA. The question of “where do they come from?” is being repeatedly asked. So what do you think of this girl?

Here she is with her friend a Manchester Terrier

There wouldn’t be many people who wouldn’t identify her as a Glen with a poor head……that is until they met her mother

This is the mother of the above “Glen”. In other words, this is where the big majority of Glens come from-they aren’t!!

It has to be another longish one….

Yesterday was a bit of a longish read and today’s the same but keep going……

The Kennel Club Breed Record Supplement is out and the figure is published for the number of Glen of Imaal Terriers registered with them in 2009; 46 with non being registered in the last quarter. It’s not a lot of Glens, when compared with the 8,000 plus Staffies and Borders, but around the 50 mark historically seems to be what can be coped with properly. That may seem a strange phrase to use but it has a lot of meaning with it!

Back in 2007 only 36 Glens were registered and, unfortunately, we were ambushed. Without any consultation with anybody who might know anything about Glen of Imaal Terriers the breed was used to front a campaign as an example of vulnerability. It didn’t matter that there were more Glens around in the world than ever before and it was just a registration point in time-the headlines went out. We fought hard over the next few weeks and managed to get a lot removed but some, including the well-meaning instigator, just couldn’t see what we all (and all it was because many international Glen Clubs were contacted) were so hot under the collar about….it was raising the Glen profile!

2008 saw 89 Glens registered and these included ones sold for obscene amounts of money. Did it matter that the, so-called, breeders knew nothing about what they were doing and the purchasers hadn’t a clue what they were getting? No. This rare vulnerable breed, and a few bank accounts, were being helped.

February 2010 and, getting biblical here, what people with experience in Glens feared has come to pass. 2009 saw the biggest number of rehomes/rescues of Glen of Imaal Terriers since 1997 when 19 went through the books. Of course it was sheer co-incidence that there had been 89 registrations in 1996 as the number through this year but it is indeed a remarkable one. There is one difference though in the 12 years; back in 97 they all came through Glen Services but in 2009 they haven’t. At least two people are still hanging onto the Glens they don’t want anymore because “they paid all that money” and most certainly aren’t giving them away to either Services or Grass Roots.

Some Glen of Imaal people have a reputation for being very hard with the information they give prospective owners; some Glen of Imaal people have been told they know nothing when passing on their experience in the breed; some Glen of Imaal people have been told they are draconian, out of date and old fashioned when explaining what it is like to live with the breed we adore. There is only one thing to say to that and that is THANK YOU to the people who actually know Glen of Imaal Terriers and are prepared to put themselves on the line for these dogs!

This is He-The Herb

Glen Services had an unexpected lodger just before Christmas. Basset Hound Rescue had no room so Herbie came to stop for a while. The “Kennel” that he originally came from had 17 litters advertised in December and (surprise, surprise) they don’t have that many now. It was hoped that Herbie would be placed quickly but the people who were to have him said one very telling sentence-but surely they don’t eat much? and they weren’t being ironic. So if anybody knows anybody who would like The Herb….

One interesting thing has come out of this and that is the “half-listening” ear of the general public. The “Kennel” were he came from has quite a flash website that does, quite prominently, mention Licenced and somebody who saw it thought that meant ACCREDITED as per the Kennel Club Breeder Scheme and got quite uptight that the KC allows such things to go on. The differences have been explained.