You Tube or a dedicated website?

A day of rain and vague knowledge of “in there somewhere” caused a cupboard to be turned out.¬†Four days later it still isn’t sorted as it takes a while to go through hours and hours of tape. Yes, they are still in existence; not particularly good quality some times; downright poor quality other times but that history, the Glen of Imaal Terrier in the 1980s, has re-emerged.

It was known the early video cameras had been present but how much was left after 20 plus years? A working video player (with instructions on how to use it) was the first requirement plus a cartridge for slotting an old fashioned video tape into so the machine could play it. They were sorted and there it was; waists, one chin, hair and youth. Where we really ever that young? Bwyan, Biggles, Gor, Billy, Tom, Bigguns so many names from the past and seeing them again is very emotional. Counting 8,9,10, 11 dogs in a class. Oh boy, we were numerous back then. Some of the video camera tapes are still to be played because the correct equipment for viewing can’t be found as yet but somebody must have it somewhere. Can you help? It has been suggested that such an important visual history of Glens should be digitalised (if possible) and made available for general viewing. It probably could be done if it is wanted.

It isn’t just the UK on those tapes. Europe and America in the 90s also feature. One is labelled ARBA Cherry Blossom but that is one that needs equipment not found yet. If any foreign Glen Club would like them for their archives they can have them (if they can be sorted).

One tape that is playing remarkably well is of an event often forgotten; the Terriers of Ireland Seminar. This took place at Uttoxeter Racecourse and was a four breed specific seminar hosted by the relevant breed clubs. Ro Whinn-Sladden did a still remarkably clear talk (after all this time) and Liz Gay took the hands on assessments. Oh, memories. If anybody needs a Glen Association Breed Seminar could this one count? If you were there , of course.

Also found was the possible, even probable, reason why the Kennel Club co-operated with Pedigree Dogs Exposed!